VALORANT Champions broadcast teases latest agent
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During the grand final of VALORANT Champions, Riot Games inserted a teaser for a new agent into the event’s opening ceremony. Using the power of the internet, some have started piecing together the few details that exist about this new agent.

The teaser showed up during the opening ceremony’s musical performance, when the usual teaser for VALORANT Champions featuring various agents experienced some distortions. As the images a human figure began to take shape with random words in English filling the outline, the voice of the presumed 19th VALORANT agent echoed. None of the words within the outline appear to make sense or answer the question of who this new agent may be, but people have figured out a few potential facts about them.

As guessed by some users on Twitter, the 19th agent could potentially be from the Philippines based on some of the lines that can be heard during the broadcast. One Twitter user by the name of KaijuQgle noticed that the distorted voice says “Lintik” which means “Lightning” in Filipino.

Based on this voice line, fans have assumed the next agent is not only female but also from Manila, Philippines. KaijuQgle also pointed out that the full saying is “Malintikan sana kayo” or “I hope you get struck by lightning,” which could hint at what sort of radiant powers the next agent might have. An agent that deals with lightning or electricity would be completely different from the agents currently in the game.

VALORANT continues to tease agents

Riot Games are not strangers to teasing agents during VALORANT productions. Before Chamber was released in VALORANT, he was first teased during the One Year Anthem video that VALROANT put out on its YouTube channel. In the video, fans could see a picture of Chamber hanging up on the wall, being the only obvious teaser of the agent before he was released.

Teasers have may have evolved from codenames and hidden images into cryptic voice lines, fans of VALORANT always jump on the case. However, the only thing that’s certain is a 19th agent will be released sometime in the near future. But whether the agent will be female and come from somewhere in the Philippines based on phrases said during the broadcast, the community must wait to find out.

Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.