VALORANT Champions breaks viewership record once again
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Despite reaching new viewership highs Saturday, the viewership for VALORANT’s Champions Tour’s final international LAN in 2021, VALORANT Champions, has broken its own record and is now the VALORANT tournament with the highest peak viewership of all time.

VALORANT Champions breaks viewership record

According to Esports Charts, the VALORANT Champions grand final has garnered 1,089,068 peak viewers as of 1.30 p.m EST on Sunday. The previous record-holder was Saturday’s set of matches between KRÜ Esports and Gambit Esports. The match lasted to quintuple overtime in the third map and garnered 1,052,123 peak viewers. The grand final between Acend and Gambit Esports has now broken that record and only three out of the five games have played out. Another large reason for the increase in viewership are the Twitch drops that are provided for every viewer of the VALORANT Champions grand final. Every viewer will have a chance to win two new in-game VALORANT items.

In order to win these prizes, viewers will need to connect their Riot Account to their Twitch account. In order to do this viewers need to hover over their icon on the top right of Twitch and click on drops, Twitch will then show all available campaigns that are partnered with Twitch drops. Players should scroll to the one for VALORANT Champions and click connect for their Riot account if it has not been connected to Twitch yet. Otherwise, simply claim all the drops by tuning in for an hour. The drops include a VCT 2021 Spark Spray and a VCT 2021 Spark Buddy.

Most partnered streamers will have drops enabled on their stream titles and viewers can also get drops from partnered channels.

Both Gambit Esports and Acend have gone through some incredible competition to get to the grand final. Acend had to beat the likes of Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Envy to get to the grand final. All of these matches were 2-0 sweeps for the side of Acend. On the other hand, Gambit Esports have had a tougher run, as they went 2-1 against KRÜ Esports, X10 Crit and Team Vikings.

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