Valorant and Amazon team up for digital music festival, wwFest: Valorant
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Riot Games and Amazon are teaming up to live stream an experimental music and art festival called wwFest: Valorant. The music festival will air live on January 15, 2021, on Amazon’s Crown Channel. The stream will show live musicians, artists, and dancers with a digital background inspired by Valorant. The list of talented artists for the Valorant music festival include ARMNHMR, Moore Kismet, Ookay, and Whipped Cream. According to the press release from Riot Games, these guests are only the tip of the iceberg, with more to be announced in due time.

What’s in store for the Valorant music festival

To further enhance the Valorant environment and feeling, all of the live performances and art will be filmed from drones from the perspective of popular Valorant Agents: Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Jett. In turn, viewers will be able to create their own unique festival experience from the various drone feeds from the individual Agents. Riot has explained that each Agent’s “feed will be tailored to reflect their individual attitude, culture, and style.” Additionally, when an Agent is on the main stage, viewers of that Agent’s drone feed will see a variety of angles and views during the performances. So, by switching between Agents’ views, each viewer can truly have their own unique experience of the entire festival.

After the festival, the Crown Channel will have individual videos with highlights from the festival as well. So if you miss something incredible while playing around with the various Agents’ views, you can always check out the VODs.

This music festival seems to be on par with the concerts Fortnite has recently hosted. Because of COVID-19, plenty of artists have had to get creative with live concerts. Teaming up with video games isn’t a bad way to go about it.

Neither Riot Games nor the Crown Channel have announced the start time for the Valorant music festival. In the meantime, mark your calendars for January 15 and bookmark the Crown Twitch Channel.