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Ignition: Act 3 comes to Valorant October 13 with a new map, agent, and battlepass. Unlike other passes, Act 3 will feature three different skin packs that include four guns each. These skin packs have been leaked by several sources on Twitter already for a closer look into the battlepass. Here are the three different skin packs coming to the Act 3 Valorant battlepass.

Act 3 features “Electroflux,” which includes skins for the Stinger, Classic Pistol, Sheriff, and Bucky. Each of these multicolored skins come with four different variations to choose from. It is uncertain whether players will unlock them with Radianite, or if you will be able to obtain them at the end of the pass. Valorant developers teased “additional epilogue tiers” in their Act 3 summary earlier this week. These additional tiers could be the possible color variants for Electroflux. There is also a possibility that they will be unlocked through XP while playing the game.

valorant electroflux

The second skin bundle in the battlepass has been simply named “Jade” after its golden and green aesthetic. This pack also features four skins for the Ghost, Phantom, Spectre, and Judge. These skins have a matte green finish two them and feature a golden outline across the whole gun. Many fans have expressed their appreciation for a minimalist look that still holds up to other skins.

valorant jade

Valorant adds a curved knife and Halloween extras

Valorant’s third battlepass skin pack “Ruin” resembles player-favorite Japanese-style “Oni” skins. The Ruin pack features skins for the Vandal, Marshal, Guardian, and Shorty. Players can also obtain the curved Ruin knife at level 50 of the battlepass. These black and gold skins give a nod to the Oni style with ruby gems. Valorant has continuously played with different knife styles throughout its release and continues with this curved knife.

valorant ruin

Lastly, Valorant has added some spooky extras to the battlepass since the episode runs through Halloween. Both the Jack-O-Lantern and gargoyle gun-buddies can be obtained by completing the battlepass. Which skin bundle is your favorite out of this battlepass? Let us know in the comments!

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