Unsanctioned: New silver bordered cards coming to MTG
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Silver bordered card sets are always a hit for Magic: The Gathering fans. While the cards themselves cannot be used in sanctioned play, the sets they’re in always sell out. Wacky jokes, parody cards, and gimmicky mechanics always make the packs great to draft. There have been three “un-sets” in the past, being Unstable, Unhinged, and Unglued. Now, a new one is set to join the mix this February: Unsanctioned!

Each of these sets also featured premium full-art basic lands, and Unsanctioned promises to do the same! These basic lands will have a new style and art and will have black borders (unlike Unstable’s lands). The set will be released on Feb. 29 of next year. Sixteen brand new un-cards will be added, along with tons of reprints of fan favorites of the past.

Unlike other un-sets, Unsanctioned will not be sold as a set, but rather as a set of decks to play with your friends. Each Unsanctioned box will have:

  • 5 30-card decks
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • 10 full-art basic lands (5 regular, 5 premium)
  • 1 reusable box

Since one of the most popular ways to play un-sets like this is to draft with friends, a product like this makes sense. Now for the real question: Is it going to be a special Hasbro online store online product? Thankfully, no. The set will be available at your local game store, chain retailers, and online worldwide on release, so no having to fight for a copy.

We don’t have much other information yet on this set, so stay tuned for more updates. It’s likely the set will feature a menagerie of reprints of the most well-beloved un-cards, all while attempting to keep the format (moderately) balanced. What cards do you want to see in the set? Will you pick up a box of Unsanctioned for you and your friends to play with? Let us know in the comments!