University of New Haven reveals first business of esports program
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There is no denying that esports has rapidly grown in the last few years. From filling large venues to colleges offering scholarships, esports is getting close to becoming accepted as part of the sports industry. However, there haven’t really been any specifically esports-focused business programs at colleges and universities. This changes today, with the University of New Haven’s latest announcement.

First ever electronic sports management course

New Haven University Esports Club

The University of New Haven will be offering an electronic sports management program starting in 2020. They announced it will be a first-of-its-kind program that is specifically targeted at the electronic sports field. For this occasion, the university will be creating a 2,500-square-foot esports training and competition center. Its intention will be to host competitions, while also letting the students learn both technical and operational skills. The center will be open for students from other programs as well through the university’s esports club.

However, the program won’t be entirely focused on esports either. They plan on educating their students in various business, media, and technology-related fields. The course will cover everything from management and game development to computer science and even broadcasting. This will give their graduates a wide range of skills that will certainly help them when it comes to employment

“The esports industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world.”

Steven H. Kaplan, Ph.D. and President of the University of New Haven also shared some of his thoughts in the announcement. He emphasized the importance of developing esports-related skills in one of the currently fastest growing industries in the world. Furthermore, Kaplan explained the course will enable the university to maximize the interdisciplinary strengths of all its programs. He concluded his statement saying the course will prepare the students to be the future leaders in the electronic sports industry.

New Haven University Esports Club

Do you think esports-related courses will become a staple at other universities in the coming years as well? Let us know in the comments! For more esports developments, make sure to stay in touch with Daily Esports!