UNITE holiday event brings new Pokémon and many free rewards
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Pokémon UNITE is celebrating the winter holidays with a seasonal event that features new skins and several giveaways for players to enjoy. The holiday event will run from Dec. 15, 2021, to Jan. 16, 2021. Along with the new event, there will be two new UNITE licenses entering the game in Dragonite and Tsareena.

Pokémon UNITE releases a new holiday event

The first part of the holiday event will be the new UNITE licenses that are entering the game. The first to enter will be Tsareena, the grass-type Pokémon released in Sword and Shield. Tsareena will be a Melee all-rounder with moves like Triple Axel, Trop Kick and Queen Ascendant. Dragonite will also be coming to the game on Dec. 20, 2021. The classic Pokémon is another Melee all-rounder and has been a fan favorite to enter the game.

New challenges are also available for players to play through. The Illumination Challenge runs from Dec. 15, 2021, to Jan. 16, 2022 and the Photo Challenge runs from Dec. 24, 2021, to Jan. 6, 2022. The Illumination Challenge is available by playing the game and completing missions. The more missions are completed, the more rewards players can get. The rewards include a Trainer snapshot frame and background, a 1-day limited license, Trainer fashion items and more.

The Photo Challenge can be completed by playing the casual modes of Pokémon UNITE such as Quick matches, Standard matches and the new Snowball Battle mode. The Snowball Battle will allow players to collect snowflakes to complete a photo and earn rewards. The game mode will allow players that are knocked out to turn into snowmen. Players will have full control over their vision, and be able to jump, cheer, wave and give thumbs up. Additionally, the Avalugg that is typically found in the middle of Shiver City will be replaced by an Articuno. Players can also battle with Delibird in order to get a custom battle item that has a one-time use.

Holiday giveaways: Log-in rewards

From Dec. 24, 2021 to Jan. 1, 2022 Pokémon UNITE players will also receive various log-in prizes.

  • Dec. 25 to Dec. 28, 2021: Players will receive a prize box from which they can choose to receive Aeos coins, Holowear tickets, Aeos tickets or item enhancers.
  • Dec. 29 to Dec. 31, 2021: Players will receive a prize box that contains a 7-day limited license for one of six Pokémon.
  • Only on Jan. 1: Players will receive a New Year’s prize box that will offer the opportunity to select from one of four exclusive Trainer fashion items.

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