Ubisoft fights back against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attacks with lawsuit
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Ubisoft recently filed suit against the operators of a website, SNG.ONE, allegedly involved in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Rainbow Six Siege networks. The lawsuit (via Polygon), filed under US cyber and California common law in California, lists several people from all over the world.

Ubisoft, its valuable players, and business interests have reportedly received serious damage from ongoing DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks act by loading a server with unworkable data, filling it up and leaving it inaccessible. Ubisoft says that users on the accused platform could have Rainbow Six Siege attacked for a price. Hackers are using attacks to delay matches and servers to likely crash them and get their rivals to quit early. The hackers would be ranked, whereas the other team would have a penalty for going early.

Ubisoft claims that hackers are participants of SNG.ONE, which provides its users with monthly or lifetime access to subscription services. A monthly subscription reportedly costs around $30, whereas a lifetime subscription goes for $299.85. Rainbow Six Siege was not the only potential target. Games such as FIFA 20 and Fortnite are seemingly targets for the website as well.

Ubisoft has worked hard to provide a clean and safe experience for Rainbow Six Siege matches and even launched a bug-hunting program last year. The hackers are now quite silent about the lawsuit, as would be expected now that the stakes are so high. The lawsuit addresses a picture of a subsequently deleted tweet by SNG.ONE seemingly mocking Ubisoft support for its efforts. The website owners also produced a fake “seizure notice” that claimed their domain had already been taken by Ubisoft and Microsoft. Their vague motivation for this fake notice was “to get Ubisoft to admit that they have a problem,” which makes little sense.

Ultimately, Ubisoft has a strong case on its hands.