Ubisoft apologizes over 'raised fist' image in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad
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Ubisoft is under fire after releasing a video showing the opening scene for its new mobile game, Tom Clancy’s Elite SquadThe video depicts a familiar scenario between the government and an anarchist group, UMBRA, similar to that of recent events. In addition to using chaotic cutscenes, Ubisoft has also used the image of a black colored fist to symbolize UMBRA. The symbol, widely used by Black Lives Matter, is often seen at protests calling for racial justice. Some viewers even suggested that the French gaming company is classifying BLM as a terrorist organization.

Insensitivity to current real-world issues

In the opening sequence of the video, the narrator begins to rally its audience by sharing intimidating statements. “The world is in an alarming state. Wars, corruption and poverty have made it more unstable as ever.” He continues by stating that UMBRA is a faceless organization that claims “to promote an egalitarian utopia to gain popular support.”

After plenty of backlash, Ubisoft published an apology on their official Twitter account. In the statement, they admit that the use of the raised fist image was “insensitive and harmful.” They also state that the image will be removed in the next update on September 1.

Evidently, many people were not receptive to this apology. Some stated that Ubisoft intentionally meant for the game to negatively politicize the BLM movement. One Twitter user shared a photo with comments from some players who enjoyed the video.

Some fans approved the message behind the opening sequence and they didn’t understand why people were upset with the storyline.

Although Ubisoft claims the similarities between BLM and the game are unintentional, it doesn’t erase the fact that they still pushed the idea out. During a sensitive time where many people are protesting alongside BLM, the thought of creating a video with the same tensions is distasteful. It will be tough for Ubisoft to jump back from this mistake, especially after claiming their solidarity with BLM back in June.

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