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Twitch is introducing their new Twitch Rivals tournament next week with League of Legends, where 16 teams will duke it out for a chance to win $75,000. Teams consist of your favorite League streamers, former pros, and content creators.

Twitch is no stranger to esports, being the leading broadcaster for esports across the world. With this event, each player in the tournament will be streaming their perspective on their own channels. This way, you will be able to spectate any role you wish and support your favorite streamers. There are a handful of teams that look like strong candidates to win the whole tournament. Let us jump into some of the notable teams in the tournament.


Twitch Rivals rosters

If we look at the competition, there are some standout teams amongst the 16 playing at Twitch Rivals. For example, Team Pepega looks quite strong with the trio of Fogged, Trick2g, and Yassuo. The reason why this team could be great is due to the best-of-three, blind pick format that Rivals is using. There aren’t any bans, which will allow one-tricks to use their best champions, like Yasuo, Udyr, and Volibear.

Another team that could take home the $75,000 grand prize could be SMAGCotW or Swaglord Mastermind Alpha Genius Champions of the World. With two strong mechanical players in Tyler1 and Voyboy, they could lead their team to victory. Additionally, we have seen the shotcalling abilities of Voyboy on stream with random players in solo queue. Hopefully, those communication skills can transfer over to the competitive stage!

Crowd Favorites? Underdogs?

Meanwhile, there are some teams that will get plenty of cheers from the crowd. One such team is For Fun Feeders starring Imaqtpie and Shiphtur. Those two streamers are two of the most popular League of Legends players on the platform and should gather plenty of support for the cause. Additionally, Shiphtur is also a very good player with some impressive mechanical abilities. He and Imaqtpie could push their team farther in the tournament if they take it seriously.

Another fan favorite heading into Twitch Rivals is Team EZ CLAP. The roster has a few popular streamers such as Pokimane, xChocobars, and Natsumi. All three have been a part of streaming group Offline TV at some point, with Pokimane being an active member of the group. Offline TV has actually accrued over 87,000 fans on their subreddit, while also having thousands of fans on each of their Twitch channels.

Twitch Rivals: Final Thoughts

All in all, Twitch Rivals should be an exciting tournament for everyone to watch and enjoy. There will be some interesting matchups and some funny moments all throughout. The option to watch the perspective of your favorite streamer is great, as we can now get a glimpse into that team’s comms and strategies for that certain match. Twitch Rivals begins on January 15, and will also be broadcast on the official Rivals stream. For the next week, the battles with rage on until the 23rd, where the Grand Finals will take place.

We wish the best of luck to all the teams in the tournament, and may the best team win!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Twitch Rivals tournament? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends coverage, check us out here!