Twitch Prime giving away free League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics loot
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Riot Games is back with a new round of Twitch Prime loot, this time for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Those players with a Twitch Prime subscription can get a free permanent mystery skin token for League. If TFT is your game, players can get a Little Legends Egg. This latest round of loot is the second of three drops coming to Twitch Prime members.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile won’t be left out

Teamfight Tactics Mobile players need to log into the PC League of Legends client to redeem their token. It’s a little backward, but since the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics is still a work in progress, players won’t be able to redeem it in the app.

There are 21 different Little Legends to collect and hundreds of champion skins available to players. I was lucky enough to pick up the Monarch Hushtail and the Apocalyptic Brand Skin. I don’t have Brand, but hey, if I happen to come across one, I now have a skin.

Players looking to pick up their own loot must have their Riot account linked to their Twitch account. Once linked, players can claim their tokens from the Twitch Prime page. Players can find their rewards in the loot tab of the League of Legends client, under the materials section.

Twitch Prime Loot

Getting Twitch Prime for some free loot

Those who don’t already have a Twitch Prime account can sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you already have Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime is included in your subscription. Just sign in, link your accounts, and you’ll be all set!

How did you do with your free loot? Let us know in the comments below if you got something better than the Apocalyptic Brand skin or the adorable Monarch Hushtail. For more free loot updates, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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