Twitch saw 62% increase in hours watched, reaching 5 billion hours in Q2
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Platforms across the streaming industry have seen massive growth in recent months, with many staying at home due to the ongoing situation. Twitch has maintained its position as the leader in market share. It has broken records for hours watched, hours streamed, unique channels, and average concurrent viewership. Other platforms like Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming Live also saw significant growth, according to a report by StreamLabs and Stream Hatchet.

Twitch in Q2 2020

Twitch remains the market leader, with continued growth in segments like hours watched, hours streamed, and average concurrent viewership. It surpassed 3 billion hours watched in Q1, with an increase of 62.7% hours watched and 63.4% concurrent viewership in Q2. In addition, the Amazon-owned platform saw an increase of hours watched by 80.1% and unique channels by 78.6% year over year (YoY).

Twitch currently makes up 67.6% of the live streaming market, which is 2.6% higher compared to the previous quarter.

Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming total hours watched

YouTube Gaming Live continues to build upon its own streaming platform, which has seen a 39.6% increase in hours watched since Q1. With the recent acquisitions of gaming creators like Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (Nov ’19), Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter (Jan ’20), and others, the platform has maintained its steady growth. YouTube Gaming Live increased 19.1% in hours streamed, 22.7% in the number of unique channels, and 15.5% in concurrent viewership compared to the previous quarter.

Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming total hours

Despite these advancements, YouTube Gaming Live now represents only 20% of the market share – a decrease of 2%.

Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming total hours watched

Mixer’s closure is an opportunity

Facebook Gaming experienced major growth in the past few months, reaching 822 million hours watched on its platform in Q2. Both hours watched and the number of unique channels have tripled YoY. The platform saw a 22.6% increase in hours watched, 55.4% in the number of unique channels, and 48.6% in concurrent viewership. Facebook Gaming has maintained its 11% market share since the last quarter.

While Mixer also saw growth of 30.6% in hours watched, it only represented 1.4% of the market. Nevertheless, the announcement of Mixer’s closure will mean the transition of over 5 million channels to new homes. If another platform can leverage these soon-to-be free agent content creators, it could mean a new shift in the streaming space.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.