TSM win ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs in seven games
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The Apex Legends Global Series North America Split 1 Playoffs on Sunday went to TSM after seven games. Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, Jordan “Reps” Wolfe and team newbie Evan Vurhulst finished things off at 93 overall points for the day.

TSM win ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs in seven games

TSM came into the ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs swinging; in-game leader ImperialHal put up 15 kills on his own. The squad didn’t win this round, but their aggressive performance shot them up the leaderboard. They were tied for first with NRG at 28 points each.

In the ALGS Playoffs format, the 20 participating teams compete in battle royale rounds to accumulate enough placement and kill points to surpass 50. Once a team does this, they’re at match point and can win the whole tournament if they’re the Champions in the next game. TSM reached Match Point when they won Game 4.

The squad ultimately faced off against Verhulst’s former team, Esports Arena. The newbie and the IGL found themselves in a 2 vs. 3 against ESA, and Verhulst rose to the challenge. He and ImperialHal won the fight and the game, bringing them that much closer to being the Playoff Champions.

Cloud9 and Sentinels managed to keep the tournament alive for two more games, but ultimately, TSM could not be stopped. In Game 7, the squad put up another collective 28 points, striking Renegades down with ImperialHal’s unstoppable damage output and Verhulst’s own kill capacity to take the ALGS NA Split 1 Playoff Championship for themselves.

“I’m ecstatic dude, it’s unreal,” Verhulst told caster Jon “”Falloutt” Kefaloukos in a post-game interview. When Falloutt asked the TSM rookie if he had anything to say to the team’s various and vocal haters, Verhulst replied: “Oh my gosh, they all thought. They all thought we were bottom ten, that we were washed up. They thought that trading me for Snip3down was making the team worse. But here we are.”