TSM struggles to win against CLG in Week 6
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TSM is struggling to keep it together as they’re currently 6 wins and 6 losses deep in the LCS Spring Split. They played against CLG on Sunday evening and found themselves in a rut as they lost another game this week. TSM has some serious changes to make before Week 7 when they face off against victorious Cloud9.

The start of their second game this weekend began in an optimistic light. Halfway to the five-minute mark, TSM Bot Laner Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup called first blood against CLG Jungler Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin. After TSM happily took on the 1,000 gold difference, they looked to snag more objectives.

Eventually, CLG earned the first Infernal Drake while TSM caught Herald.  The game stayed on even terms for a while until CLG started gaining momentum by pushing towers and earning a second dragon. As they kept pushing, chances of victory for TSM looked slim.

Losing to an unlucky team

As CLG is stuck in bottom place with nine losses, TSM was expected to come out of this game victorious. Although this wasn’t the case, this serves as an opportunity for them to step back and assess their faults. The plays made by CLG’s Mid Laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park were more than impressive as he took over the game and contributed four kills to CLG’s overall score. Pobelter’s performance, along with his teammates, made the game unexpectedly tough for superstar team TSM.

Finding ways to win

Additionally, it seems that TSM is struggling a bit with consistency. They are not playing as proactively as they usually do. Moreover, their most experienced player Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg did not initiate as much as he should have, given his impressive game history. In the end, TSM was counter-picked this game during champion picks, which automatically made it tougher for them to win.

Although the game was rough, there were some pretty good picks on TSM’s side. Kobbe was still able to earn a kill in the dragon pit alongside TSM Top Laner Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik. As both teams quickly disbanded from the messy team fight, it gave TSM some time to reset and think about their next moves. Their past few games have been uncharacteristic of them. Hopefully, they step it up next weekend and show more determination to win.

Face off in Week 7

As TSM faces C9 next weekend in Week 7, viewers are gearing up for an intense match. C9’s current score of 11 wins and 0 losses is going to make it extremely difficult for them. If TSM is proactive about changing some bad habits, then viewers might see C9’s first loss of the season.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the 2020 LCS Spring Split here at Daily Esports.