TSM falls against Golden Guardians in LCS Week Three - Upcomer
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TSM fans are starting to panic after their team has gone 0-2 in week three of the LCS. Their last match was actually a loss against supposedly the worst team in the league, Golden Guardians.

TSM hasn’t been looking too hot ever since the beginning of the season. Like most of the league, they have been very inconsistent with their macro play and decision making. It also looks like they have trouble transitioning into the mid to late game, even with strong early game leads in a majority of their games. TSM would exemplify this in their match against Cloud9, and it would happen again against Golden Guardians today.

Speaking of which, Golden Guardians are all smiles after finishing this week with two wins. Taking down both OpTic Gaming and TSM must be a welcome change for their mental, and should help give them a much-needed confidence boost for the next week. They still have some issues with their team fighting and macro decision making, but it is a good step forward for a team that many believed would be at the bottom of the barrel again.

Golden Guardians host a “requiem” for TSM

It was the same story but a different day for TSM fans, who must be getting tired of the constant failures. There are still some TSM faithful who are claiming that it is early in the season, and they still need to improve together as a team. This is absolutely true. However, this is the same comforting talk that TSM fans were speaking last year when TSM had the same kinds of problems. This year, TSM has improved dramatically in their early game plays. Together, the perennial North American champions have gotten decent leads pre-twenty minutes. Unfortunately, their problems stem from weaknesses heading into the mid-game afterward.

As a result, the Golden Guardians would use this to their advantage. By running a composition with Ezreal and Karthus, they would hit incredibly hard in the later stages of the game. Henrik “Froggen” Hansen would turn lost fights into his team’s favor by simply pressing R. Meanwhile, Matthew “Deftly” Chen would reach his power spikes and start to poke out his opponents. Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg would try his hardest to carry his team to the victory with some amazing engages, but his team could never follow up successfully. It was a disappointing end to TSM’s week, and it is a worrying trend that could continue into the rest of the season.

Final Thoughts

TSM needs to change up their strategies, the way the scrim and possibly the way they practice as a whole. We can’t blame the roster, as there should be enough talent on this team to be a top three lineup in the LCS. However, losing to a team like Golden Guardians should be unacceptable. Due to that, the coaching staff needs to make some adjustments to help this team with their mid-game. They just look absolutely lost after twenty minutes, and their team fights look disjointed.

Meanwhile, Golden Guardians were looking pretty together as a team this past weekend. Even though they don’t have the strongest-looking roster, at least they have good synergy as a team. Additionally, they look like they have a solid gameplan of what to do when the laning phase is over. They may not be able to apply the same strategies against the stronger teams of the region, but it should be able to net them a few more wins.

What are your thoughts on TSM’s loss to Golden Guardians? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LCS coverage, check us out here!