TSM announces $50 million esports facility in Los Angeles
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Popular esports organization TSM (Team SoloMid) has announced the building of its new performance center opening later this year. The esports facility will be located in Los Angeles, CA and will feature a content studio, gym, lounge, and more. Most importantly, it will serve as the organization’s headquarters and gaming center where TSM pro teams can practice.

Recently, a few esports organizations have revealed plans for their own facilities around the globe. Team Liquid revealed its Netherlands facility, Dignitas in Los Angeles, and Boston Uprising in Massachusetts. TSM announced the opening of its new center to happen sometime this year, though an exact opening date has not yet been confirmed.

TSM Performance Center features

The TSM esports facility will contain the following:

  • Fitness Gym
  • Lenovo Lounge
  • Merch Store
  • Wellness Center
  • Open Office Space
  • Players Cafe
  • Scrim Rooms
  • Coaching Rooms
  • Outdoor Event Space
  • TSM Stage
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Room

This will be the most expensive gaming facility in the world at nearly $50 million for the 25,000-square foot facility. Most of the recent esports facilities that have been announced feature wellness centers and practice rooms, but the the Outdoor Event Area and TSM Stage sound a bit out of the ordinary and likely lend to the facility’s large price tag. TSM had uploaded a construction tour of the entire place on YouTube, giving viewers a sneak peek of what’s to come. Leena Xu, president of TSM, shared some info on the interiors of the facility. Solid walls will be painted in black and white, covered in LED lighting, and more.

Readers can take a look at TSM’s official facility website, where they can find facility floor plans of each room.

tsm esports facility tsm performance center layout announced $50 million 25,000 square feet

TSM’s new facility is still in the beginning stages of construction. Although production may be going slow due to the global health crisis, fans now know their favorite team will have a dedicated training space in the future. It will also double as a tour-friendly facility, so fans everywhere can visit and take a look at what the new space has to offer.