True Damage Prestige skin Senna from Louis Vuitton revealed
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League of Legends Twitter has shared concept art of Prestige True Damage Senna designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere. Ghesquiere is known as the creative director for the house of Louis Vuitton, a French luxury retail company. The release of Prestige True Damage Senna caught many by surprise.

In October 2019 in celebration of the League of Legends World Championship, League of Legends first released the new group called True Damage. True Damage consisted of Ekko, Yasuo, Qiyana, Akali, and Senna. A music video was also produced to advertise their release and featured Becky G, Keke Palmer, Jeon So-Yeon, Duckwrth, and Thutmose. True Damage was inspired by popular hip hop influencers around the world.

Since the release of the skins, the only champion from the group to receive a prestige skin was Qiyana. Like Senna’s, Qiyana’s prestige skin was designed by Ghesquiere. With Senna now having a prestigious skin, the question arises of if Ekko, Yasuo, and Akali will also receive a Louis Vuitton-designed skin.

Prestige True Damage Senna

Because the skin is designed by Louis Vuitton, the brand was not afraid to have players flex in-game. Senna’s skin is highlighted with gold accents, sparkles, and sleek sharp shapes. Her gun has the known LV symbol embossed at the base, gold pixel charges, and a blue, gold, and white box charm. Senna herself can be seen wearing gold accessories in her hair, gold earrings, black visor sunglasses, and a gold and black striped scarf. Her signature design consists of a coat and scarf; Ghesquiere made sure to keep this in mind by giving her a cropped puffer jacket. To contrast all of the gold, Senna is wearing a vibrant blue and black one-piece top paired with black and gold accented shorts. Finishing off her look are black thigh-high boots with gold bottoms and a chunky gold bracelet.

Senna’s abilities complement the luxurious vibe from her outfit. Her recall features a pastel holographic color scheme with gold soundwaves. The classic Louis Vuitton blossom can be seen pulsing. Her auto-attacks are highlighted with gold glitter particles and pink, gold, white, and blue geometric shapes. The souls she collects throughout the game are blue orbs and can be seen hovering over the classic Louis Vuitton blossom symbol. You can watch the accompanying video to see her in action.

What are your thoughts on the new Prestige True Damage Senna?