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Apex Legends has its fair share of unique and unusual weapons. The Triple Take is one of those. As a marksman rifle that shares a lot of design similarities with the Peacekeeper shotgun, it raises a lot of questions for new users. This guide aims to answer some of them and give you a quick introduction to the Triple Take before you drop in Kings Canyon to learn the rest for yourself!

Triple Take basics

Like all other sniper rifles, the Triple Take runs on one stack of ammo and has no priority attachments. Stocks are mostly irrelevant unless you want to use it as a shotgun (quick tip: don’t). You would need a scope, but not as much as you would with other snipers. Scopes below 2x are wasted on it, as the iron sights give you better magnification without obscuring your view.

Titanfall apex legends Double Take sniper
The Triple Take’s predecessor in Titanfall 2

The Precision Choke is a must if you intend to use the Triple Take as a dedicated sniper. Keep in mind that aiming down sights narrows the pellet spread considerably, even without the hop-up. The Precision Choke only comes into play when you need to land your headshots at extreme ranges.

How to run a Triple Take

Out of the four sniper rifles you can use in Apex Legends, the Triple Take is the most forgiving for players with less-than-perfect aim. This is due to its faster projectile speed, slow fire rate, and three-pellet spread. If you get used to long-range sniping with its near-zero bullet drop, be prepared for a letdown when trying to achieve the same shots with a Longbow.

Triple Take at a glance Apex Legends guide

The Triple Take is perhaps strongest right at the start of a match due to its high baseline damage. A full 3-pellet headshot deals 138 damage, which is equivalent to a Longbow with a Skullpiercer. Against lightly armored players, that’s a guaranteed 1-shot kill. If you happen to find a Triple Take right after dropping, it is highly recommended that you start hunting immediately instead of looking for more loot.

In the late game the energy sniper retains its strength. Just like the Longbow, it can down enemy legends with two headshots, even if they have the best armor and helmet.

The Triple Take is a complicated weapon that cannot be completely understood through guides. We recommend you pick it up often to get used to its quirks and learn to take advantage of them. You might just fall in love.

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