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The recently announced Trinity Series is a Hearthstone team league that features eight of Hearthstone’s top teams. The teams will compete in a new team-based format with a total prize pool of $150,000.


Overall Standings
G2 Esports 3-2 28-20 +8
Luminosity Gaming 3-2 27-22 +5
Team Liquid 3-2 25-24 +1
compLexity Gaming 3-2 25-24 +1
Tempo Storm 3-2 21-19 +2 2-3 23-24 -1
Alliance 2-3 18-24 -6
Cloud9 1-4 19-29 -10


Both teams submit 9 Standard Decks
Each team submits 1 deck for each of the 9 classes

Picks and Bans
Each team bans 2 of the opposing team’s decks
Each team picks 6 classes to play (out of their 7 non-banned classes)

Best of 11 – Last Hero Standing
Using their 6 picked classes, teams play each other in Last Hero Standing format
The first team to win 6 games wins the series


Prize Pool

The prize pool is broken down as follows:

1st Place: $75,000

2nd Place: $30,000

3rd-4th Place: $15,000

5th-6th Place: $4,500

7th-8th Place: $3,000


In the very first  Hearthstone team league competition, these eight teams will battle it out for a 1st place payout of $75,000. At Trinity Series we will find out who has the winning deck.