Treyarch to drop Double XP for Black Ops Cold War Nuketown release
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to receive the iconic Nuketown map tomorrow, November 24. Treyarch has announced the map will drop at 10 AM PT for all systems. So even if you’re not on PlayStation, which holds exclusivity rights, you’ll still have access to Nuketown ’84. Along with the new map, Treyarch is releasing Double XP and Double Weapon XP into the game. This applies for both multiplayer and Zombies, so you can play either mode and still reap the benefits. This announcement was preceded by an update that prepares the game for the classic map’s release.

Double XP set to go live in Black Ops Cold War

Two of the most cherished words in the Call of Duty community are “Double XP.” Players especially love to hear those words at the start of a new game when everything is still locked behind the leveling system. However, if anything were to make that phrase better, it would be “Double Weapon XP.”

Starting tomorrow at 10 AM PT, Nuketown ’84 will be available in multiplayer, as will both forms of XP. This celebration will last until November 30, which is just over a week away. Treyarch has likely heard the complaints of how slow leveling both your rank and weapons are so this is likely to make up for that.

Black Ops Cold War receives a new update

To get ready for the big promotion, Treyarch also released a small update earlier today. While nothing major was included with the patch, there were some small bugs fixed in both multiplayer and zombies. You can read highlights from the full patch notes below.


  • Adjusted Hardpoint spawn logic to reduce average travel time to active Hardpoints.
  • Addressed an issue that would prevent Flak Jacket from properly protecting the player from explosive damage in Hardcore modes.
black ops cold war update
Image via Treyarch


  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused zombies to use their ranged attack unexpectedly.
  • Addressed a rare issue that could rarely cause the Megaton to be permanently invincible after splitting.

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