Travis Scott releases Fortnite x Cactus Jack merchandise
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Popular artist Travis Scott has collaborated with Fortnite for a limited-edition merchandise line, a Cactus Jack x Fortnite collection. The collaboration was released shortly after the first North American concert that took place in Fortnite. These concerts started on April 23 will take place until the 26th.

After the first concert took place, Travis tweeted a link to his website that showed off the full Fortnite collaboration. In the series, there are several short-sleeved shirts, hats, action figures, and a Nerf gun. All of these items were directly inspired by the in-game event, especially the action figures that show off both of Travis Scott’s Fortnite skins. The first figure is the Fortnite map skin like the one in-game, while the other is of Travis himself. These skins can be also be found in the Fortnite item shop until the concert ends on the 26th.

Travis Scott Fortnite event
Image via Travis Scott

Travis Scott Nerf blaster

Fortnite also released another Nerf blaster with the Travis Scott collaboration. This fully functional toy has been given the Astronomical treatment with psychedelic colors. You can buy yourself a shirt with either the colorful scar or Travis skin on the back too. All the shirts feature some sort of reference from the event. The main shirt design features a mash-up of the Fortnite map skin and the smiley face from Cactus Jack. Some shirts feature the famous line, “Live in your world, RAGE in ours,” which was the theme for the event.

Travis Scott nerf gun
Image via Travis Scott

“The Scotts”

Travis Scott also teased his newest song “The Scotts” featuring Kid Cudi during the Astronomical event. Along with the merchandise line, he released various forms of his latest song on cassette tape and vinyl. On top of the already stellar performance in Fortnite, Travis released the full version of “The Scotts” across all platforms at midnight.

Over 12.3 million players tuned in to the Astronomical Fortnite event, which set a new all-time record. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items from the line, there is still stock left.

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