Toronto Defiant add DPS players Ivy and Stellar - Upcomer
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The Toronto Defiant is growing their Overwatch League roster, as they are adding Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee and Do-hyung “Stellar” Lee to the lineup.

Recently, the Toronto Defiant would reveal both their team name, branding and two additions to the roster. Sporting a red and black color scheme, with a storyline of underdogs, there is much hype surrounding the new Toronto team. At EGLX, they would announce that the team is adding support Se-hyeon “Neko” Park and flex tank Kang-jae “envy” Lee. Now, they are showing off their brand new DPS back line. But where are Ivy and Stellar coming from?

A Stellar Background?

Both Ivy and Stellar are coming from O2 Ardeont, a team in the Korean Overwatch Contenders scene. In the first season of the Korean Overwatch Contenders, O2 Ardeont would finish fourth in their group. However, they would end up stunning the rest of the teams, and would eventually make it to the Grand Finals, where they would be swept by X6-Gaming. In the second season, they would have a better regular season, finishing in second place in their group. Unfortunately, Meta Bellum would take them down in the quarterfinals in a sweep.

Both Ivy and Stellar a pretty decent pickups for Toronto. Ivy was a good DPS player for O2 Ardeont and should be playing at an Overwatch League level. However, Stellar was a surprise signing for many fans. He was a substitute DPS player on O2 Ardeont, who was at best a mid-tier team in the Korean Contenders league. Not many fans’ outlook is good for the DPS duo and their chances against the other teams in the Overwatch League. However, as a duo, they may work well with Beom-joon “Bishop” Lee, the head coach of Toronto Defiant. Their synergy is already built, but can they bring that into the league and convince the Toronto doubters?

What Toronto Needs

Now that the Toronto Defiant have locked down a good chunk of their roster, what else do they need to really compete in the league? Many people believe that Toronto still lacks that star power that many other organizations have. Additionally, they now look like they are signing a full Korean roster, similar to the London Spitfire and New York Excelsior. This also means that they will not be signing talented Canadian prospects like Liam “Mangachu” Campbell, Justin “kellar” Kellar or William “Crimzo” Hernandez.

The Toronto Defiant may require one or two big name players to help push them over the hump. If they can find a good DPS player and a good main tank, then these other players could be great role players moving forward. However, you can never predict who will explode onto the Overwatch League scene. Ivy and Stellar could suddenly become superstars for Toronto. The same thing can be said about Neko and Envy, who have not really gotten a chance to shine.

The big question mark, with most of the teams joining the league, is the questionable quality of talent joining. Yes, they are Korean, but does that automatically mean they are Overwatch League ready? Can they find the right synergy of people to make a splash in their first season? Or will this combination of talent flop? We will have to wait for the season to begin.

What are your thoughts on Toronto Defiant adding Ivy and Stellar? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more Overwatch League coverage, check us out here!