Top hero picks from the Overwatch League opening weekend matches
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The 2020 Overwatch League (OWL) opening weekend is over, but not without a good look at what the meta might shape up to be for stage 1. Here are the most popular heroes from each role from the opening weekend matches.



It looks like all the nerfs to Sigma and Orisa were effective because Reinhardt stole the show as far as tanks go. The main tank got playtime in every match, generally alongside D.Va or Orisa. He now boasts the most reliable shield available on the roster along with one of the best ultimates for team fights in Earthshatter.


D.Va saw a good amount of playtime alongside Reinhardt and occasionally Winston. Ever since GOATs was killed by 2-2-2, D.Va hasn’t seen much Overwatch League play. Recent nerfs and changes to the meta have changed that, however, and it looks like she’s going to be a staple for the time being.


Orisa was picked alongside Reinhardt in more defensive compositions. Despite her nerfs, she still provides useful shields and a great ultimate ability. She was a staple in the double shield meta and looks to find a spot again early in the 2020 OWL season.

OWL Top hero picks Overwatch League opening weekend matches



Mei’s crowd control and zoning tools make her a great pick for any team. Her ultimate is extremely valuable in team fights and provides her team a means to engage. She is undoubtedly overtuned and will be picked consistently until something changes.


Reaper has been a good pick for a while now and hasn’t received any substantial nerfs. He works well with heroes like D.Va and Mei who provide him space to get in and deal damage.


The cowboy has always been a solid option, and it looks like he’s gonna get some good playtime again unless something changes. He can deal damage from range as well as cancel ultimates and execute squishy targets that get near him with his stun.


Symmetra is a great pick to take control of an area. She gets a lot of play on defense or on maps like Lijiang Tower where she can set her turrets and teleporter up to take control of an area.

OWL opening week hero



Lucio may go down to be the most picked hero in the history of the OWL if things don’t change. He provides a plethora of tools to help his teammates and works in just about any team composition. Expect to see him unless he is banned when Hero Pools go live.


These three heroes all saw a reasonable amount of play within similar team compositions and maps. Each of these main healers provides something slightly different, but it seems like the players chose the hero they were most comfortable with between the three.

OWL opening weekend hero

The meta so far has already shown some mild diversity and will likely continue to shift as the teams begin to set in. It will be forced to shift even more once Hero Pools go live in the Overwatch League in March. It looks to be a fun season to watch already!