Top FIFA streamer exposes stream sniping Discord with pro players
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A popular FIFA Twitch streamer by the name of “Nick- RunTheFUTMarket” has recently uploaded a controversial video onto his YouTube channel. The nearly 30-minute video has Nick explaining and showing evidence of top North America FIFA players purposely matching up against Nick, or “stream sniping” him.

Stream sniping in FIFA

Stream sniping varies from game to game. In FIFA, the term represents something completely different than for example in a game like CSGO. In FIFA, as Nick explains, the concept involves purposely matchmaking in the FIFA FUT Champions mode in order to get matched up with that person. While that doesn’t seem to be hurtful at first glance, Nick explains that that’s how full-time professional FIFA players snipe him during his weekend streams.

Nick goes on to describe this as a “dodging Discord”:

This Discord was started for North American players to play competitive games with each other to practice; then what it turned into was a dodging Discord. This is a North American dodging Discord, with seeking to be Elite two-plus players that are trying to be competitive or professional players.

He then goes on to fire heavy claims:

Most of NA (North America) is in here (the dodging Discord), and I’m telling you right now, we’re talking the whole eMLS (esports Major League Soccer). And just let’s be honest here, the founder of this Discord represents a team in the MLS, so we’re talking the whole eMLS is in this Discord. So let that sink in.

The whole concept of the dodging Discord is for professional FIFA players with similar high scores in FUT Champions to avoid being matched up with each other. Instead, they try to match up with Nick or others, who are not professionals. He claims, “I am currently becoming one of the most consistent FIFA players in North America,” which is questionable, but the fact that Nick has to battle professional FIFA players each weekend because of being stream sniped and still is able to achieve a hefty amount of wins on FUT Champions does indeed show his competence at the game.

Evidence and problem with FUT Champions

Nick RunTheFUTMarket presents evidence both on his Twitter page as well as during his YouTube video. The streamer, despite not being in the “dodging Discord,” got hold of screenshots from the Discord channel backing up his claims.


Throughout the last 10 minutes of the video, Nick talks more about the FUT Champions mode, which allows people with the highest scores to qualify for official EA events. Nick claims, “It’s a toxic mode, and you’re having people qualify for EA events, go to EA events, through dodging people.” He also claims that this is happening in other matchmaking regions like Europe and Australia.

If what Nick is saying is indeed true, then EA’s professional scene is deeply flawed with players qualifying for events in extremely competitive ways. How FIFA can fix this issue is uncertain. Stream sniping in the game will probably not end, but maybe the video at least grabs the attention of EA developers. Nick- RunTheFUTMarket has Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, if you wish to watch this story develop.

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