Top comps from TFT Challenger Series
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With the last tournament of North America’s Teamfight Tactics circuit for TFT Set 6 finished and all of the competitors for the NA Regional Finals decided, here are the winning compositions seen from all six of the finals matches at the TFT Challenger Series.

k3Soju’s Debonair Bodyguards

The comp’s main carry is Draven, but he’s a part of a triple threat with Zeri and Jhin. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Cloud9’s Michael “k3Soju” Zhang started off the finals of the Challenger Series with a bang as he piloted a comp built around a trio of carry champions. Draven, Zeri and Jhin all did heavy lifting in this comp as the raw damage output combined with the tanky front line of the four Bodyguard champions provided ample time for k3Soju’s team to pop off. Also, the double Zephyr came in clutch.

Noobowl’s Socialite Irelia

Noobowl took the Game 2 win off of Irelia. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Hanyuan “Noobowl”  Yewon took Game 2 of the Challenger Series with one of the more popular comps in Set 6.5: Socialite Irelia. With Irelia having unreal reset potential, the Socialite package is perfect for keeping her healthy and hit those damage thresholds to one-shot enemy champions. To make the comp even better, Noobowl managed to find an Assassin emblem for Irelia, letting her immediately jump to the backline.

Noobowl’s Syndicate Ahri

Ahri broke into the winner’s circle in Noobowl’s Game 3 win. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Noobowl did it again in Game 3 when he picked up another win — this time with a more rogue comp in Syndicate Ahri. The comp is pretty straightforward: make Ahri the main carry and surround her with Syndicate champions. Plus, the Mutant spat is fantastic on her, especially if the Mutant bonus is one she benefits from.

Noobowl’s Innovators

Jinx and Jayce were the main carries in Noobowl’s Game 4 win. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Noobowl could not be stopped in the finals of the Challenger Series, as he won again in Game 4. This time he flashed the most infamous trait of the entire Gizmos and Gadgets expansion, Innovators. Noobowl rode a mix of Jinx and Jayce carry to victory in this game.

Noobowl’s Draven and friends

TFT Challenger Series
Noobowl piloted the triple threat of Jhin, Draven and Zeri to a Game 5 win. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

With first-place already locked up, Noobowl again terrorized the finals lobby with another different comp. This time he took a page out of k3Soju’s book by bringing out the Draven. Of course, Draven wasn’t alone, as Noobowl had Zeri and a Jhin providing backup. But outside of that, this comp just featured good champions instead of focusing on good synergies. It worked out, though, as Noobowl secured his fourth win in a row.

IILucky’s Renata Bruisers

TFT Challenger Series
IILucky piloted the duo carries of Renata Glasc and Viktor to victory. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Finally, it wasn’t k3Soju or Noobowl doing a victory lap. Instead, the honor went to IILucky, who at that point was in last place. With nothing working well for them leading up to Game 6, IILucky defaulted back onto Renata Glasc bruisers, which has been one of the stronger comps in the metagame so far in TFT Neon Nights. It definitely worked out here, as the duo carry of Vitkor and Renata Glasc did enough to edge out the win and to edge out IILucky out of the last place spot.

ASU alum with a B.A in Sports Journalism, Warren is one of the premier TFT Journalists in the scene and is a decent TFT player as well who has peaked Challenger and has had multiple accounts in Master+ over all sets. Warren also specializes in other esports content including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Bros, and more.