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The Criteria For The Rating Of The Heroes

There’s a lot of heroes that we hate individually. And we could make our own lists on this overrated heroes topic. But I’m here making a top 5 list, after doing some research. And a ton of pub games where everyone picks freaking Phantom Assassin.

1. Phantom Assassin

Yup, she’s the first one. Come on, we all hate her. Now why is she so overrated? Because people are afraid of her critical hits. But this is no reason to fear her even on laning stage when she’s level 1. She has a low range on her dagger at level 1, there’s literally no reason that you shouldn’t just slap her with a few hits.

She has low HP and regen and armor. Even when she gets her ultimate there’s no reason to fear her. Because she has low HP and you can control her and burst her down very easily. All you need is maybe a blink dagger or force staff so you can close the gap between her and yourself. And she’s not getting a BKB any time soon if you just keep pressuring her. But yes she does have one of the top win rates. But that’s only because with correct itemization, she can be effective.

2. Anti-Mage

Now this guy is probably known by everyone as a “tryhard” hero. Yes, he is a tryhard hero. But he can also be played in a fun way. Now people don’t like AM because they think he’ll stomp everyone in the late game. Which is fairly false. He’s really easy to counter. Wait.. can you hear it? It’s the sound of an Orchid being applied to him. So yeah, that’s his counter basically. An Orchid Malevolence, which later transitions into Bloodthorn which will counter his Butterfly if he has one. And that’s why he makes Manta all the time. But some people are kinda dumb and don’t know that Manta Style doesn’t only give you illusions, but it a certain type of dispel as well. And it can dodge some spells.

3. Axe

Axe is a hero that lots of people are afraid to play against. Because thanks to RNGesus, you never know when he wants to be a ballerina and spin like a helicopter. The main misconception with Axe is that people just assume they’re dead when they get “called”. Axe is very very easy to counter. With some picks like Io or Timbersaw. Wait did I just say Io? Yes I did. The little ball of light has this amazing skill called Overcharge and it’s basically what makes a hero a super saiyan. And you can make a Mekansm too. To counter his culling blade. Because when culling blade is out, your team won’t fear him as much anymore. Remember, Axe is an illusion clearing hero. But yes he also has a fairly high winrate but you know why.

4. Slark

This hero is stupidly overrated. Slark is very weak without his Skadi. And this is what people fail to see. He’s basically Ursa. Except he has a spell which holds you in an area. Does not stun you, just holds you. Which means, you can just slap him while he’s trying to, and you’ll probably get a better trade. Because without his Essence Shift stacks, he’s not all that powerful. “But his ulti makes him invisible” Yes, it does, and it can be countered by an Orchid as well. Just make sure his Dark Pact goes off before you silence him.

5. Necrophos

Necrophos has turned into a very cancerous hero in this patch. But if you really look at it, he’s just more weaker now. His Ghost Shroud won’t let you hit him and it increases his regen, but keep in mind, he takes 40% extra damage from spells. Necrophos used to be an aggressively built hero with Dagon and whatnot. Now he absolutely needs Pipe Of Insight and some more defensive items. Because of his second skill. Necrophos is very easy to shut down. And his ultimate can be pretty useless if you have an Io or Oracle or something like that.

And that’s it guys. Although it isn’t very detailed, there are always some exceptions, so my ways to counter these heroes might not always be helpful. But most of the time, they are. So next time you face these heroes, you know what to do. Let’s make Dota 2 cancer-free!