Top 10 Commander cards from Throne of Eldraine
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Magic: The Gathering‘s Throne of Eldraine is looking to be a very pushed set by many standards. The cards are all extremely powerful, but for the casual commander player, there are some standouts. The set is also meant to push Brawl as a format, so there are a plethora of cards built to play in multiplayer.

Before we get started with the best picks, I should note that cards from the Brawl decks are not allowed in this list, since they aren’t in the main set. In addition, buy-a-box promos are not allowed either (sorry, Kenrith). Without further ado, let’s get started!

10. Improbable Alliance

Do you love drawing cards? That’s a silly question, every commander player does. Improbable Alliance rewards you for doing exactly that, giving you a Faerie token every time you do. As a backup plan, it even has a looting ability you can sink your infinite mana into to draw your entire deck (and make a huge army of fliers along the way). This will be a fantastic little addition to Izzet decks that like to draw. It’s not nearly as good as cards like The Locust God, but its low mana cost makes it a consideration.

9. Hushbringer

Tired of that aristocrat deck sacrificing things constantly to kill you? Sick of losing to flicker decks? Hushbringer deals with both of those issues, and for only two mana! It is a 1/2 body that can die easily, but its ability to lockdown multiple strategies singlehandedly can swing the game in your favor. Being a creature also means you can easily reanimate it or copy it as well. If saying no is your thing, it’s an excellent choice.

8. Happily Ever After

MTG Commander Happily Ever After

Janky win conditions are always a struggle to pull off. Happily Ever After is certainly difficult to pull off, but it has the added upside of doing something on its own. Everyone gets to draw a card and gain some life, which helps you make friends (and subtly advance your win condition). The condition of having 5 colors of permanents really restricts this to 5 color decks, unfortunately. Otherwise, the rest of the conditions aren’t terribly hard to meet. Six card types are easy, and having your life total a bit higher isn’t too difficult either. It does take a bit of building around, but with the right deck, you can make this jank work.

7. The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is fantastic in any spellslinger deck. Get some instants in the grave, and this suddenly costs just three mana. Then, every turn you get to draw more and more cards until you overwhelm everyone. As an added bonus, you don’t have a maximum hand size either, so you can enjoy your abundance of cards in peace. Add a couple of proliferating effects to the deck, and this can get out of hand really fast.

6. Outlaws’ Merriment

Any tokens deck loves repeatable token generation. However, Bitterblossom-esque effects are often limited to black. Outlaws’ Merriment gives you a free token every turn, and it’s in Boros colors! It’s no Assemble the Legion, but the tokens you make all have haste and an extra ability. This card helps you recover from board wipes and builds your board presence every turn.

5. Kenrith’s Transformation

MTG Commander Kenrith's Transformation

Removal in green? Sign me right up! Kenrith’s Transformation can semi-permanently remove any creature. As an added bonus, if you put it on a commander, your opponent won’t be able to recast it. Even better, you get to draw a card, so you don’t lose any advantage. This is arguably a staple going forward in any mono-green deck, so expect to see this one quite often.

4. Dance of the Manse

If you’re playing a Bant enchantment deck or a Breya artifact deck, you’ll want Dance of the Manse. Being able to get back so many cards for such a low cost is incredible. As an added bonus, if you push a bunch of mana into it, you can turn them into an army as well, serving as a sort of late-game win condition. Equipment decks may also use this to recover after devastating spells like Vandalblast.

3. Doom Foretold

If you like being mean to everyone, Doom Foretold is a card for you. Every turn, a player has to sacrifice a permanent. If someone can’t, the effect ends and they suffer a penalty while you reap some benefits. However, the effect is likely never to end. In a 4-player game, there’s likely to be tons of permanents, and unless people stop playing cards, this is probably going to stick around and hurt everyone for quite a while. Think of it as a slightly nicer Smokestack.

2. Faeburrow Elder

MTG Commander Faeburrow Elder

Faeburrow Elder is a bit like Bloom Tender. The main difference is that it doesn’t cost $50. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this card for any 4 or 5 color deck that can run it. It fixes your mana and can produce as much as 5 mana every turn. That’s a huge amount of ramp for only 3 mana of investment. Get this one early before it’s the next expensive commander staple you wish you’d bought.

1. Fabled Passage

Fabled Passage is a straight-up better Evolving Wilds. It does the exact same thing, except if it’s your fourth land or more, it comes in untapped. Evolving Wilds is already played in so many commander decks, and this does the same job just better. If Commander doesn’t drive up the price of this card too high, I would definitely pick up multiple copies.

What do you think of the top 10 cards? Which ones do you plan on including in your decks? Are there any I missed? Let us know down in the comments below!