Today in the 2022 LCK Summer: Week 8, Day 1
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The 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea summer season is well underway, with games happening five days a week. For fans that don’t have time to watch all the action but want to know what’s going on with some of the best teams in the world, we at Upcomer are here to provide a daily recap of each day’s games. Here is what happened this Wednesday in the 2022 LCK summer season.

LSB defeat DK

With third place in the 2022 LCK Summer split standings on the line, Liiv SANDBOX came into their first match of Week 8 against DWG KIA looking to build some momentum after taking down DRX in Week 7. On the other hand, DK were looking to shake off their shocking 2-0 defeat against KT Rolster.

Game 1 was all LSB from the start, despite DK having one of the perceived best junglers in the world in Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, the former world champion was outclassed by LSB’s Kim “Croco” Dong-beom throughout the game. Even with zero kills on either side, it was Croco who had full objective control. And when the kills did start pouring in, they were on the side of LSB. The gold was relatively even around the 21 minute mark but with Ocean Dragon Soul secured by LSB and the Baron soon after, LSB pushed DK out of the game as the inevitable victory came after LSB secured Elder Dragon 29 minutes into the game.

DK had a little better objective control in Game 2, surprisingly picking up both Rift Heralds. However, LSB once again were able to stack dragons, giving the team an easy win condition if they could eventually secure dragon soul. LSB were relentless in pushing their advantage. After securing Baron right when it spawned at the 20-minute mark, LSB marched towards the Hextech Dragon since they were also on soul point.

Even though DK were the ones on the dragon, a clutch smite steal by Croco gave LSB their massive Hextech Dragon Soul power spike. DK could do nothing as LSB ended Game 2 like in Game 1 with the Elder Dragon buff, pulling off the 2-0 victory to take sole possession of third place.

Gen.G take down KDF

After defeating T1 in convincing fashion during Week 7, Gen.G are not only the top team in the LCK, they have a strong argument for the best team in the entire world. That wasn’t good news for KDF as the two teams took to the rift to start Week 8.

Gen.G flexed their strength in Game 1, simply outclassing KDF in every lane. Just at the 15-minute mark despite there only being two towers taken and being up only three to one in the kills department, Gen.G already had a 5K gold lead. The game was relatively boring despite Gen.G picking a unique combo of Yasuo and Sejuani in the bot lane.

From suffocating the map away from KDF to dominating in team fights, Gen.G had no problems wiping KDF off the rift over and over again as Gen.G picked up Game 1 in just 26 minutes.

Game 2 played out similar to Game 1 in the early to mid-game. At 16 minutes, Gen.G had a 6K gold lead with just a two-tower and three-kill advantage. Gen.G didn’t even need dragon soul in this game as Baron was good enough. With a massive 16K gold lead at just 24 minutes, Gen.G took the nexus and the very easy 2-0 victory.

What’s Next

Week 8 of the 2022 LCK Summer season continues on Thursday, August 4 with two more games on the schedule. KT Rolster will match up against Fredit BRION before T1 take on Hanwha Life Esports. Matches start at 4 a.m ET live on the LCK Twitch channel.

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