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Day 1 of the group stages for The International 2018 (TI8) has come to an end, and it’s started off wild. With teams using unexpected heroes like Wraith King frequently, the games have been chaotic at best.

One notable thing from the day 1 group stages is that two NA teams are leading Group A and Group B respectively. Following the patterns that have continued for the past 7 Internationals, a Chinese team is supposed to be crushing everyone. However, it is too soon to judge as The International always goes in someone else’s favor in the Main Stage.

Here is a sneak peek at the day 1 standings at TI8:

Group A: “EG has satisfied every punk,” says everyone watching The International 8

EG is breaking all their patterns this year. With 5 wins and just 1 loss, the team that is known for comebacks is now driving the train.

Sumail is really bringing it back this year, winning his lanes convincingly and then moving on to winning the game. Some might say it’s because he’s “the king,” but some say he’s “satisfying the punks.” One of the EG games against Invictus Gaming was very surprising, and its like hasn’t been seen a lot in The International in any year. EG ended up putting Fly on Clinkz and Arteezy on Phoenix. And they won that game!

Later on, Liquid did something similar as well. With Kuroky on Clinkz and a total of 4 carries on their team, Team Liquid seems to be pushing themselves to extremes as well.

Liquid lost quite hard to Fnatic on the second game against them. Team Liquid was getting so crushed by Fnatic that they ended up with just 1 kill, compared to Fnatic’s 39 kills.

Group B: VGJ.Storm surprising everyone at TI8

One of the newest teams in The International 8, VGJ.Storm has managed to win every single game in Group B, leading the charts. Virtus.pro follows right behind with one loss, as you can see below.


paiN Gaming, representing SA as their powerhouse of a team, isn’t doing very well. But they have more games to play and more chances to prove themselves. HFNK’s Terrorblade caused a lot of havoc, but Newbee took a victory off of them.

Newbee are showing themselves as a strong contender in TI8 as well. With revenge in mind, Newbee is desperately taking every victory they can and are right below VP on the charts with 3 victories.

So, that’s the breakdown for Day 1 of The International 8. More updates will follow right here, and we may even do some research for you to help with your fantasy teams for the coming days!