Three takeaways from the SWT South America Ultimate Regional Finals
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Phase 2 of the Smash World Tour began on July 31 with the SWT South America Ultimate Regional Finals. The event was mired in some controversy, as the tournament was played out and the bracket was leaked before VGBootCamp’s broadcast on Aug. 1.

Even so, here’s a breakdown of the major takeaways from the circuit’s first, and potentially only, online Regional Finals.

Br1 AV becomes the first Ultimate Global Finalist

Bruno “Br1 AV” Assemany claimed first place at the SWT South America Ultimate Regional Finals, punching his ticket to the in-person Global Finals later this year. As a WWR-ranked Wi-Fi warrior, Br1 AV was the favorite to win going into the event. Still, his road to victory was far from easy.

Br1 AV defeated Jhéeremy “Ran” Pradenas 3-1 before his hardest match of the tournament in winners quarters. There, Javier “LinkEa” González forced him to Game 5. While at a deficit in Game 5, Snake main Br1 AV planted a risky C4 on LinkEa, hoping to blow it up and end his stock before it could fall off and kill Br1 AV instead. The plan worked as LinkEa’s final stock exploded away and Br1 AV advanced into top eight.

Br1 AV had a smoother run from there, as he won each of his remaining sets 3-1. He defeated Kenneth “Keen” Hanss and Joseph “jjcat00” Velez to reach grand finals on winners side. There, he faced Mr. Game & Watch main Julian “Frido” Bastias in a match-up that could have proven difficult for his Snake. But, Br1 AV was able to rely on his secondary Steve instead, enabling him to beat Frido and win the tournament.

Frido pilots Mr. Game & Watch to second place

Frido slightly underperformed at the online qualifier, finishing in third place as the No. 1 seed. This time around Frido bounced back with a slight overperformance, placing second as the No. 3 seed at the SWT South America Ultimate Regional Finals.

The Mr. Game & Watch Main kicked off his run with 3-1 wins over Lucas “Lukitu” Fedele de Azeredo and Jorgito “Toon” Farias. However, he suffered an upset loss to jjcat00 in winners semis.

Despite this setback, Frido continued to perform well in the losers bracket. He eliminated Diego “Ghoul979” Alejandro Tarazona Montañes and Julio “Anality” Morla, winning both sets 3-1. In addition, Frido overwhelmed jjcat00 in their losers finals rematch, winning 3-0.

Jjcat00 upsets some of South America’s best at the SWT Regional Finals

Jjcat00 had one of his best performances to date at the SWT South America Ultimate Regional Finals. While he was modestly seeded seventh going into the event, jjcat00 upset some of the best competitors in South America en route to third place.

The Samus main started the tournament with an expected 3-1 win over Bernardo “OZN~Tales” Vejar. Then, in winners quarters, jjcat00 upset No. 2 seed Anality. Taking advantage of Samus’ complex movement and her powerful Charge Shot, he managed to overcome Anality with a commanding 3-0.

Afterward, jjcat00 trumped No. 3 seed Frido in winners semis. After landing a strong up-throw to finish off Frido’s stock in Game 4, he came away with a 3-1 win. While he faltered against Br1 AV and Frido in his last sets, jjcat00 still established himself as one of the best online players that South America has to offer.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.