This Reddit user turned a Modern Warfare montage into a piece of art
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare montages have become ubiquitous online in these days of 24/7 live-streamed gameplay. Nowadays, many people have easy access to the computing power and simple software needed to edit and record gameplay videos. This means anyone and their grandma can upload collections of their best plays.

However, not many creators have made their Modern Warfare montage into a unique piece of art. User Gorrick1 posted this meticulously timed set of kills to the Modern Warfare subreddit on July 6. Entitled Modern Warfare: The art of toxicity, you should definitely play this with sound.

Modern Warfare: The art of toxicity
byu/Gorrick1 inmodernwarfare

Now that video has blessed your eyeballs, you can see why it is one of the most talked-about Call of Duty montages in Reddit history. Gorrick1 uses a combination of the most maligned weapons, killstreaks, and equipment in the game to take out opponent after opponent. However, what sets this video apart from the rest is the perfectly timed combination of the fast-paced gameplay and the unlikely classical music soundtrack of Offenbach’s Infernal Gallop.

Modern Warfare montage: The art of toxicity

Each bang of the derided akimbo .357 revolvers or the Model 680 shotgun lines up with the chords of the classical backing track. Gorrick1 even creatively synced up their c4 explosions and the guns of their AC-130. “I can only imagine how long this took. Well done,” said Reddit user yodogjax4.

However, the use of these weapons that are hated by the community for their one shot potential also inspired mixed reactions. “You’re probably one of the guys who I’ve called horrible things at 2am. Hats off to you, sir,” said another Reddit user.

Despite the “toxicity” of the gameplay, the clip currently has 45,000 upvotes. On top of that, there’s a staggering 111 Reddit awards on the post. That’s a lot of Karma. The list includes 25 Reddit Golds, too, and some users even offered to send Gorrick1 money via PayPal.