This fan concept would greatly improve team play in Apex Legends
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One of the most important non-gameplay aspects of Apex Legends is communication between teammates. Since the battle royale doesn’t feature Solos, players have to rely on their two teammates in every game. This is promoted with the innovative pinging system that Respawn introduced into Apex Legends.

However, many feel there’s more that can be done to further help teams communicate and help each other out. One fan on Reddit decided to suggest a concept that the community thinks should be given a shot.

Fan comes up with innovative concept in Apex Legends

While most of the time a teammate will tell you what they need, it’s not clear in certain situations. Whether it be an attachment or helmet, sometimes there’s an item you pass by that a teammate could use for their loadout.

This is particularly a problem in the early game of Apex Legends when everyone is scavenging for loot. For example, a teammate could pick up a Prowler but needs a Selectfire Receiver to go along with it. That teammate won’t always communicate they need that specific attachment, putting your team at a disadvantage if you happen to find one but don’t ping it.

With that in mind, a fan on Reddit devised a concept that would eliminate this problem in Apex Legends. Take a look at the design below.

Would really appreciate a feature like this from apexlegends

With this concept, any attachment you see on the ground could have an indicator signaling if a teammate needs it. This could be a Stock or something more advanced like an Anvil Receiver or helmet. So, if you see one of those items on the ground, you can ping it if the indicator shows a teammate is in need of that item.

It’s unclear if Respawn would consider this concept or even have the means to implement it into Apex Legends. However, with over 17,000 upvotes on Reddit, this concept would be more than welcomed by the community.

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