This Death Box concept in Apex Legends could help with looting speeds
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Apex Legends comes chock-full of great features and pleasing aesthetics across its interfaces. From the easy-to-use lobby menu to the in-game inventory, there’s not much that fans would change when it comes to this area. However, there is one specific aspect of the user interface that could use a revamp. Since the early days and seasons of Apex Legends, the Death Box inventory screen has faced some criticism. Most fans’ issues lie with the scrolling function of the inventory. Though, one recent fan concept changes this feature around, and it’s something Respawn should take a look at for Season 4’s future.

Amazing Death Box concept in Apex Legends

Whenever you go to loot a Death Box, you’re greeted with a long list of weapons, ammo, and other items. However, in order to see more of what’s in the Death Box, you need to scroll down the list, which takes up a lot of time. This is especially magnified when you need to loot quickly due to an oncoming enemy or the storm.

While Respawn hasn’t made any mention of reworking this interface, one fan’s concept may change their minds. Credit goes to Reddit user Vikovi for the concept and image.

I came across this Death Box UI suggestion made by u/Baby_Pigman. These would be so useful and look more pleasing! from apexlegends

This Reddit post has garnered over 4,000 upvotes and it’s easy to see why. Vikovi gives multiple options for the Apex Legends Death Box user interface. Although, the most practical one lies to the far right, being “Big Grid, No Names.” This specific concept for the Death Box interface would work on all systems, as console and PC players can easily move their cursor to each option.

Also, this concept allows players to see exactly what it’s in the Death Box all at once, so you can make snap decisions about whether to stay and loot. Of course, this all depends on Respawn and its willingness to change around the interface. Hopefully, they do some reworking of the system in the future.

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