This buff to Crypto would benefit Apex Legends squads in a huge way
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Currently in Apex Legends, every legend is somewhat viable for standard play. Ranked Series is a whole other monster, as only four to five legends are ever used as of right now. However, for the regular modes, there’s a solid variety in Season 4 with the addition of Revenant. Nonetheless, Crypto seems to appear more rarely compared to others. The Season 3 cover legend doesn’t get a whole lot of love due to his underpowered abilities. Although, one suggested buff to Crypto’s Surveillance Drone would definitely change things up at the legend selection menu.

The proposed buff to Crypto in Apex Legends

Crypto has very underwhelming abilities, including his Surveillance Drone. Able to ping enemies and loot as well as open doors and supply bins, the drone can be powerful if used correctly. However, most Apex Legends players are out for themselves and not their squad. With Crypto, this type of gameplay doesn’t really work, which makes him even less powerful.

One fan on Reddit has suggested a buff for the drone that would make it easier for Crypto mains to help their team. User LordDespairagus tells us their idea for the Crypto buff.

If Crypto pings a champion banner while in drone view, he should say how many squads are in the area from apexlegends

Currently, the Surveillance Drone can ping enemies and loot, but sometimes that information is hard to convey to the rest of the team. Crypto players can see the whole map but may not be close enough with the drone to ping enemies and loot, which leaves the teammates in the dark.

Although, with this proposed buff, Crypto’s drone could ping a Champion Banner, and it would let the whole team know if there are any other squads in the area. Not only would this help the whole squad, but it would make Crypto much more effective.

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