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With any successful PC arena shooter, it’s not long before players wonder if it will ever make the jump to consoles. There’s nothing wrong with spreading out the audience and bringing in more players, right? Riot Games’ Valorant is no exception, and it doesn’t help that the developer teased a console release.

Riot built Valorant strictly for the keyboard and mouse. But it doesn’t mean a console port is out of the cards. That said, it doesn’t mean it will be all that easy, either. In a recent interview with US Gamer, Game Director Joe Ziegler confirmed that while the teams have run into challenges with figuring out how to port, they aren’t giving up just yet.

“We have teams that are working on it right now,” Ziegler said. However, in the same interview, he questioned how the port could emulate the same feel as PC gamers would have with the precision that the mouse and keyboard undeniably provides.

“If we take these concepts and bring them to other platforms, do they even work? Is the game even enjoyable on these platforms?”

These “concepts” Ziegler is referring to are most like the same concepts Valorant engineer Felipe Romero mentioned in an earlier interview regarding a console port. He said that “Valorant is a game that requires precise aiming, responsive movement, recoil control, and being able to execute abilities in a limited amount of time. Valorant was designed to be played and experienced in a particular way.”

That “particular way” meaning with a mouse and keyboard.

Valorant on mobile?

Don’t forget that the console isn’t the only platform Riot Games is considering. Mobile is another untapped market that has done considerably well in the shooter arena corner, such as with Fortnite (well, maybe that’s not the best example right now) and PUBG Mobile. But then again, it’s possible a mobile port is less feasible than console. The touchscreen may not provide the precision Valorant requires either.

Riot Games still may be working on it. Still, it doesn’t sound like Valorant for console or mobile will be happening any time soon.