The top 10 free VR games to play in 2023
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VR is growing in popularity but many people only know of the paid games that made the VR experience popular. Here are the top 10 free VR games so far, with plenty of different fun experiences that VR can bring. From exploring the real world to intense combat, there are a lot of fun free VR games that will keep you busy for hours.

#10: Google Earth VR

To start, we don’t have a game in the traditional sense, but a fun free VR experience nonetheless. Google Earth VR allows you to explore the world from the regular Google Earth website but in a well-integrated VR format. Being able to fly anywhere around the world and see landmarks or just overall countries from a first-person VR perspective is fun to do.

Google Earth VR game
Gameplay of Google Earth VR. | Provided by Google.

Released way back in 2016, this game still holds up well, with great reviews on Steam, where it is available.

#9: Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic

Fans might remember the original Surgeon Simulator as a fun game where you would do a serious job with very wonky controls, to purposefully have fun and make mistakes to the patient’s detriment. The VR version of the game is no different — but now with VR controls so you can see and operate with a lot more immersion and precision. What makes it different from the original is its link to Team Fortress 2, where you play the Medic trying to heal the Heavy.

Much like the Meet The Medic cinematic, your goal is to fix your ally or at least try to. The game is free via Steam.

#8: SCP: Labrat

Out of all the traditional VR horror games available, SCP: Labrat is the best free one available. Asides from another unique horror experience higher up on this list, SCP: Labrat provides that puts you in the seat of a prisoner trapped in a secret underground building, with a unique story and scares to boot. Another interesting game set in the SCP world, this one is familiar but can still provide the scares of a well-paid horror title.

To try out SCP: Labrat, hop onto its page on Steam.

#7: PokerStars VR

The best VR gambling experience right now is PokerStars VR, mainly because it’s free and won’t cost you a cent. In well-made environments, you can play popular casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, and Poker to your heart’s content without ever losing any money. On top of the gameplay, you have realistic card physics, props and customization to make your VR casino experience very unique.

PokerStars VR
Gameplay of PokerStars VR. | Provided by Lucky VR Inc.

To try out PokerStars VR, go to its page on Steam.

#6: Echo VR

While lower on this top 10 VR games list due to its exclusivity, Echo VR is the closest thing we have to a free-to-play competitive VR game right now. The game is also going offline starting on Aug. 1, 2023, but until then, is a great experience on Oculus/Meta VR devices. A zero-gravity game where the goal is to score like soccer or hockey, this game is very replayable.

To try out Echo VR before it shuts down, go to its Oculus page.

#5: War Thunder

Out of all free-to-play games that run gameplay in both standard and VR format, War Thunder stands out as one of the best. This military simulator was built by putting players in real military equipment, from jets and helicopters to tanks and ships. Add well-integrated VR gameplay into that and you have one of the best free VR experiences available.

You can get this game for free with or without VR on Steam.

#4: Dagon: By H.P. Lovecraft

This VR horror game is more of a visual novel than a game but still provides a very unique experience to people looking to get into the variety that VR can provide. A 3D narrative experience focused on adapting the story of the same name by H.P. Lovecraft, this is not a standard VR horror game but in the best possible way.

Dagon VR game
A screenshot from Dagon: By H.P. Lovecraft. | Provided by Bit Golem.

To try out this game, go to their page on Steam.

#3: The Lab

The Lab was originally designed as a way to show off the potential of virtual reality, and not many VR games are as well made as this one. Structured around eight mini-games set in a pocket universe of Aperture Science, the company from the Portal franchise, this game is designed to give you quick, fun VR experiences. Thanks to the design at Valve, despite its release in 2016, it aged well.

To try out these eight mini-games, get The Lab on Steam.

#2: VR Chat

One of the longest-standing free VR games available, VR Chat was built off of making a social VR experience akin to real social experiences. With plenty of worlds to choose from, plenty of skins to rock and a lot of potential for fun ideas, VR Chat is still one of the best free VR games available online.

Make sure to try out this social experience on Steam.

#1: Rec Room

Our number one out of all the VR games in our top 10 has to be Rec Room. Rec Room takes the social aspects of VR Chat but combines it with the minigames of The Lab. While nowhere near as intricate in either aspect as the previous two games, the replayability and pure fun that Rec Room provides is the best VR experience available right now.

Rec Room VR game
A screenshot from Rec Room. | Provided by Rec Room.

To get Rec Room and get in on the action, get the game on Steam.

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