The Summer Games splash back into Overwatch
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The annual Overwatch Summer Games are back with a twist! Like last year’s Summer Games event, there are heaps of new skins, Lúcioball is playable, and stacks of festive items are available to you. This year’s Summer Games will also give you the chance to play games and earn weekly rewards. Some skins, like the Reinhart Bundesadler skin or the Reaper America skin, will only be unlockable through the weekly challenges.

If you missed out on D.Va’s Waveracer or Tracer’s Sprinter, have no fear! All the previous year’s summer games skins can be unlocked and purchased. There are 35 skins total for you to snap up and add to your collection. And don’t forget about emotes and intros. If you can’t earn enough coins or level up for loot boxes, remember you can always buy boxes online or through your app.

The Summer Games’ challenges and modes

The ever-popular Lúcioball is back for the third year running. Similar to Rocket League, players boop the soccer ball around the custom field to score goals. The team with the most points before the clock hits zero wins. There are skill ratings and leaderboards so you can test yourself against friends. Australia makes an appearance in the Summer Games with the Sydney Harbour Arena. If the Aussie town isn’t your thing, then you can always choose to play ball in Rio de Janeiro’s Estádio das Rãs or Busan Stadium.

The new weekly challenges are sure to put a spin on the summer competition. Overwatch has added three full weeks of rewards for wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade. Check out these sweet rewards on offer:

You don’t want to miss out on these limited edition items. So fire up Overwatch now, grab your friends, and start adding these awesome summer pieces to your collection.

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