The Overwatch League releases Stats Lab to the public
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Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman, Stats Producer for the Overwatch League, has announced that the public will now be able to use the Overwatch League Stats Lab. The Stats Lab presents tools to help people find in-depth information about the league.

What kind of info does the Stats Lab have?

According to CaptainPlanet, the Stats Lab is divided into four categories: Players, Heroes, Matches, and Teamfights. These different categories provide detailed statistics about the Overwatch League in the form of graphs and tables. Users can sort this information through a variety of filters.


This category provides all sorts of useful information on players. Simple stats such as eliminations, damage dealt, and healing can all be found here. Then there are more advanced stats, like critical-hit eliminations and hero specific stats.

The Players category is further broken down into five more categories, as follows:

  • Match Report: Stats about individual matches.
  • Rate Ranks: Measures hero usage rates for different players.
  • Career Totals: Career statistics for players.
  • Single Records: Shows which players hold records for different stats.
  • Fleta Deadlift: Shows when players recorded 50% or more of their team’s final blows.


The Heroes category shows detailed information on different Overwatch heroes. This category is mainly about hero usage rates. People can see who their favorite players played on specific maps, as well as which heroes saw increased and decreased usage rates over a period of time.


The matches category gives information on individual matches and team records. There are four subcategories here.

  • Match Stats: Used to find information on a match or multiple matches.
  • Game Streaks: Used to see which teams are on win or loss streaks and what the streaks are.
  • Fastest Completion Times: Used to see which teams have completed map objectives the fastest, and how fast they did it.
  • Team Map Stats: How individual teams performed on specific maps.


This category goes in-depth on how teams and heroes performed in team fights. This category has eight subcategories that are full of information.

  • Teamfight Win Rates
  • Teamfight Win Rate Comparison
  • Teamfight Stat Rates
  • Team First Death Rates
  • Team First Elimination Rates
  • Hero First Death Rates
  • Hero First Elimination Rates
  • Clutch Final Blows

The stats lab can be used by anyone and will offer a different look at the Overwatch League. This will be a fun tool for fans to see in-depth stats about their favorite players, teams, and heroes.

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