The LLA extends partnership with Barracks.GG for the rest of 2020
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The League of Legends Latin America League (LLA) has extended its partnership with Barracks.GG for the rest of the year. This website helps the LLA by producing statistics after each pro game. Some of its functions include information on gold difference, KDA scores, heat map, or match development. Additionally, LLA analysts use the service to help interview and present overall game analysis at the end of each week.

The LLA officially announced the extended partnership on its Twitter page. Pablo Díaz-Muñoz, the CEO of Barracks.GG, shared a few thoughts on the announcement in Spanish, which we have translated. “We aim to contribute to professionalizing the esports scene in Latin America,” he says, “with the implementation of data and tools. This allows the [esports] audience to feel greater adherence and belonging during the transmission of the league, and its subsequent analysis.”

Additionally, Miguel Oyamburu, a Broadcast Specialist at Riot Games for Latin America, explained the importance of teaming up with the Barracks.GG. “Having the Barracks service places us at the forefront worldwide in live statistics. They are an ally that allows us to be at the same level as the rest of the professional League of Legends leagues.”

Reliable service

As the LLA moves forward with its Opening season, it will continue to rely on Barracks for statistics at the end of each game. Moreover, anyone interested in improving their game can use this service. Some other popular services similar to Barracks.GG include OP.GG, Blitz, and League of Graphs. With these sites, users can find enemy stats, view other builds, runes, and more.

Besides being a helpful tool to the LLA, it also helps level the league in the industry. Latin American esports aren’t at a huge advantage in terms of popularity. Having a tool that provides updated and informative statistics keeps the LLA up to a professional standard, just like the LEC, LCS, or LCK.

Finally, you can catch the LLA’s next week of gaming on March 28 and 29 at 3:00 p.m. MX/5:00 p.m. ET.