The internet reacts to cNed's first time on Chamber
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In his second match of VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Europe, Middle East and Africa Challengers 1, Acend’s Mehmet “cNed” Yağız İpek played Chamber for the first time in his VCT career. For their match against Guild Esports, up 1-0 in the series going into Breeze, Acend experimented with cNed on Chamber. In his entire VALORANT esports career, he has spent over 80% of his time on Jett according to

The reactions were all over Twitter, with fans curious to see how cNed plays on a new agent. In the Breeze map loss, he led his team in kills (18), average damage per round (132) and was the only positive player on Acend in plus/minus. But in a 13-9 map loss to Guild, to tie the series 1-1, the surprise selection didn’t lead to the map victory. cNed also chose Chamber on Fracture, but that map ended up in a worse 13-4 loss. That led to a 2-1 series loss to Guild Esports, an upset that began on Breeze.

Evelyn “Evelynn” Mackus, Brazilian reporter and caster

After Upcomer’s Yinsu Collins tweeted the selection out, Evelynn commented about the surprise of the pick. In Portuguese, she said via a machine translation: “Cned, another main duelist/operator bringing Chamber into the competition at VCT EU. Acend chose him at Breeze.”

Donnie “Elevated” Chell, caster, coach and analyst

Elevated spoke more about the dislike of the pick. For cNed and his skills on Jett, going on Chamber instead takes away from Acend’s aggressive attacks, in his opinion. He said in a thread: “cNed, yay and Wardell have all looked so much less comfortable on Chamber and like they are putting self-imposed chains on their ability.”

Tom “Tombizz” Bissmire, commentator and analyst

Tombizz agreed with how Chamber limits Acend’s attack but was more curious to see how it turned out. “I am interested to see how this comp works with Cned no longer on Jett. Especially on the attack, the amount of space he takes doesn’t seem anywhere near as viable on Chamber,” he said.

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