The crowd goes crazy on Day 10 of VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters
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Original Reporting

Day 10 of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters tournament brought two new teams to the top three. First off, Paper Rex became the first Asian VALORANT team to make it to the grand finals. Then, FunPlus Phoenix finally defeated Fnatic after losing against them both regionally and internationally in Stage 2. On top of all that, the first-ever live crowd finally got their chance to watch VCT and cheer on their favorite team.

Two new top teams

The first series between OpTic Gaming and Paper Rex decided who got their ticket to the Stage 2 Masters finals. It started with Paper Rex, and it wasn’t even close on Haven; despite the fact that Paper Rex didn’t play Haven in this tournament so far, they only lost three rounds on their attack side. Hitting the half up 9-3, they won four rounds in a row to end the map 13-3. Out of all the players on Paper Rex, Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto lurked on the attack so effectively that he guaranteed a spike plant almost every round. Map two of Bind started with a surprise — no Yoru from Paper Rex, which led to some tough rounds as OpTic built a lead. Heading into the half down 9-3, Paper Rex fought back, but they couldn’t win the map, losing 13-9. This left it all on Fracture, where the rounds got traded until Paper Rex took a significant lead. Up 9-3 at the half, Paper Rex closed it out, winning the map 13-6 and series 2-1. Now, Paper Rex is in the grand finals of Stage 2 Masters.

The second series between FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic was a battle, with the winner facing OpTic next. Split started in FPX’s favor; whey built an early 8-4 lead on the attack, keeping FPX in the driver’s seat on the map. The lead was lost quickly, going to overtime despite FPX hitting map point first. The first overtime comprised of clutch plays from both teams, but Fnatic closed it out on the second one, ending the OT 15-13. On map 2, Bind, FPX built another lead to start the map. Hitting the half up 7-5, FPX held their form on this map to win it 13-7. The third map, Fracture, decided who would continue their Masters run. For the third map in a row, FPX got an early lead — the most significant so far, at 9-3. And just like the previous map, they just stuck with the plan, winning the map 13-5 and the series 2-1.

Play of the day

Despite the fact that FPX ended up losing this map, Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin popped off. One of the best moments of the series was when FPX got match point on round 21, when SUYGETSU was caught in a corner but clutched up and killed everyone anyway. The cherry on top was the turret kill at the end.

Day 10 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen co-MVPs

There are two players who deserve today’s MVP, both for their own good reasons. Both in and out of game, Benedict “Benkai” Tan deserves MVP on Day 10 of the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters tournament. He was crucial in Paper Rex’s map three over OpTic, sending them to their first grand finals. On Fracture, he top fragged with 89% KAST and 18 kills. On top of all that, he walked out on stage with a dinosaur outfit and even got to cast his own win.

The second series of the day was the SUYGETSU show. He led the lobby on every map, totaling 289 ACS, 72 kills and a +32 plus/minus rating. Teammate Andrey “Shao” Kiprsky might have been getting all the clutch plays, but it was SUYGETSU’s consistency at the top that helped lead FPX to a top three finish at Stage 2 Masters.

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