The Call of Duty community is loving Warzone's new Zombie Royale mode
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Yesterday, Infinity Ward released the Halloween event in Call of Duty: Warzone, titled the “Haunting of Verdansk.” The event introduced a slew of new content in both the battle royale and Modern Warfare core multiplayer. This includes Jigsaw and Leatherface skin bundles, event-themed cosmetics, and the Zombie Royale game mode. Taking place in Warzone only, this mode has been data-mined for months, but it’s just now coming to fruition. From the moment the mode released, the community has been loving every second of it. The overall gameplay and secrets the LTM holds make for one of Infinity Ward’s best creations this year.

Zombie Royale mode in Warzone a huge hit with the community

The gist of Zombie Royale is basically like the Shadowfall mode from Apex Legends. You start the game like normal, but if you’re eliminated, you don’t get sent to the Gulag. Instead, you’re respawned as a zombie. With this comes increased mobility but also an inability to equip weapons. You’re able to scout for your team in hopes of them buying you back.

However, it’s the mode’s subtle nuisances that make it such a big hit with the Call of Duty community. From the night map to the special Trick-Or-Treat supply drops to the jump scares, there’s little to not like about Zombie Royale in Warzone. Of course, if you’re not a fan of horror or being scared, you won’t have the best of times.

Call of Duty: Warzone Zombie Royale Haunting of Verdansk
Image via Activision

Zombie Royale ends on November 3, so fans have two more weeks to enjoy the mode. Although, there might be a petition put together to make it a mainstay in Warzone moving forward in Black Ops Cold War. After all, the title will feature a separate Zombies mode. So why not tie in both modes?

Below, you can see some of the community’s best reactions and their thoughts from the first day of playing Zombie Royale.

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