The best weapons to use in Apex Legends' Arenas mode
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Apex Legends Legacy, otherwise known as Season 9, launched Monday with some of the most ambitious content the game has ever seen. Aside from a new legend, weapon and Battle Pass, Respawn Entertainment also released the highly-anticipated Arenas mode that pits two teams of three against one another CS:GO style.

Arenas features five maps that are specially designed for the mode as well as a whole new system of weapons and legends. There’s now a buy menu that appears at the start of every round, closely resembling CS:GO and Valorant. Naturally, one of the first questions fans have when hopping into Arenas for the first time is what weapons they should buy.

The three best weapons to use in Arenas

Players are rewarded with crafting materials as currency in Arenas. These crafting materials are used to buy everything from the menu, including weapons, legend abilities, healing items and equipment. While all of the items are important, players need weapons above all else.

For anyone wondering what to spend their hard-earned crafting materials on, look no further.

1. Spitfire (LMG)

There’s perhaps no better weapon for Arenas than the Spitfire. A powerful LMG, the Spitfire costs 550 crafting materials and it’s worth every penny. For players wondering why the R301 isn’t the choice, it costs 50 extra materials and doesn’t have the magazine size of the Spitfire. Of course, an R301 in hand is still one of the best scenarios in Arenas.

While the R301 is certainly a top weapon, spending 50 extra materials elsewhere could be a big help. Players are also getting a terrific weapon that can reign down fire on the enemies all round long.

Apex Legends Arenas buy menu
The buy menu in Arenas. Provided by EA.

2. R99 (SMG)

Although spending 50 extra materials for the R301 over the Spitfire might not be worth it, spending extra materials for the R99 is. Some players might vote for the Volt as the best SMG to use in Arenas, as it only costs 500 materials. However, the R99, at 550 materials, is simply a better option.

It shoots faster, features a solid damage output and manageable recoil. Going with the Volt to save some materials isn’t a bad way to go, but the R99 is the best overall option in the SMG category.

3. Peacekeeper (Shotgun)

One of the most famous guns in Apex Legends, the Peacekeeper, is back as ground loot in Legacy. Luckily for fans of the weapon, it’s as great an option in Arenas as it was in previous seasons. As always, it packs a punch up close and is viable in most situations. Arenas features fairly compact maps, so a shotgun is always a great weapon to have equipped.

The only downside to the Peacekeeper is its hefty price tag of 500 materials. In earlier or save rounds, the EVA-8 Auto shotgun is a better option, as it’s half the cost of the PK. However, for the most part, the Peacekeeper is the strongest choice.

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