The best ways to get Iron in Starfield
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When you’re trying to construct your Outpost in Starfield, you will need certain resources more than others. There are simply some resources that appear in more crafting recipes, and if you don’t have a reliable way to acquire these specific resources, then you won’t be able to build whatever you want. If you’ve already tried your hand at Outpost development in Starfield, then you have undoubtedly had a need for Iron.

Iron is a prevalent resource in several high-profile crafting recipes, not only in Outpost development but also with research projects and modding. That’s why you want to ensure you know about every way to acquire the mineral in Starfield so you will always have a solid supply of it for all your needs.

Starfield – Best ways to acquire Iron

Luckily, there are several ways to acquire Iron in Starfield. It is perhaps one of the easier minerals to add to your inventory, but you still need to know all of the ways to stock up on Iron throughout the galaxy.

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Below, I have compiled all of the methods I have found to acquire Iron:

  • Using an Extractor at your Outpost – This is the most reliable way to acquire Iron. If you are on a planet that has Iron as an available resource on the surface, then you can set up an Extractor to passively mine the resource for you. The Extractor needs to be powered at an Outpost and I also recommend linking it to a storage container so you can stockpile more of it.
Iron in Starfield
My Extractor set up at an Outpost. | Screenshot via Upcomer
  • Mining it with your Cutter – Alternatively, if the planet you’re on also has Iron Deposits available, then you can mine them with your Cutter. This won’t yield too much Iron, though, so I suggest setting up the Extractor on the planet at some point.
  • Destroying space rocks – In certain systems and in the atmosphere of some planets, you will stumble across an asteroid field, which just looks like a bunch of floating rocks. You can shoot these rocks with your ship and then pick up the remains. More often than not, there will be anywhere from two to seven Iron in the remains.
Shooting space rocks will likely yield some Iron. | Screenshot via Upcomer
  • Looting enemy ships – Once you eliminate an enemy ship in space, you can loot the debris of the ship. Sometimes, Iron will be available along with other resources.

Those are the four most reliable ways I have discovered to find and acquire Iron in Starfield. The best way to get the resource is using an Extractor at your Outpost, though, as this passively earns Iron for you and there’s basically an unlimited amount you can earn.

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