The best way to get Tac-Stance kills in MW3
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Tactical Stance is a brand new mechanic in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, allowing to you aim down sights in a different way. This offers some benefits and negatives, but regardless of that, you need to use Tac-Stance to acquire different camos in MW3.

Some of the camo challenges, especially the ones for the rifles in multiplayer, require you to get 25 kills while using Tac-Stance. While this might seem easy enough, it can be rather difficult, as Tac-Stance is not too forgiving when it comes to aiming. So, unless you happen to play on Rust and can get right in an enemy’s face, then you likely need to know the best way to get Tac-Stance kills in MW3.

To see how to do just that, keep reading the guide below.

How to enable Tac-Stance in MW3

First and foremost, you need to know how to actually go into Tac-Stance. Assuming you haven’t turned the mechanic off entirely, which you can see how to do in my previous guide, all you have to do to go into Tac-Stance is aim down sights with a weapon and then press “Down” on the D-Pad. For mouse and keyboard users, this will be its own dedicated keybind, so check what yours is by looking at the Keybinds menu in the settings.

You will know you’re in Tac-Stance if your gun has turned to the side when you aim in. While in Tac-Stance, your weapon has added mobility but less accuracy, so it’s not wise to take on enemies at longer ranges while using the mechanic.

How to get Tac-Stance kills in MW3

However, if you need to get 25 Kills while in Tac-Stance for a camo challenge, then you can’t really pick and choose what enemies to shoot. Luckily, you can equip certain attachments that make your Tac-Stance much more accurate. When looking at attachments for a weapon’s loadout, you want to prioritize attachments that “increase Tac-Stance spread.”

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These attachments will make your weapon shoot straighter when in Tac-Stance, allowing you to land more bullets on enemies. For example, here are some attachments I used on the MCW to get the Tac-Stance kills camo challenge done in a single match:

  • Muzzle: S-37C DL Breacher Device
  • Barrel: Orchestra-40 Short Barrel
  • Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser
  • Stock: MCW Ironbark Tactical Stock
Image via Activision

Still, you want to try and shoot at enemies that are within a decently close range. Especially with a fully-auto assault rifle, I recommend sticking to mid-range gunfights when going for Tac-Stance kills, as this will yield the most successful results.

You also want to take into account the map you’re playing and the areas you’re going to on a map. If you’re playing a larger map like Wasteland, try flanking around the sides of the map to get closer to enemies who are playing farther away. On a map like Rust or Skidrow, though, play much more aggressively, as this will likely put you much closer to enemies, which is good for getting Tac-Stance kills in MW3.

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