The best SMG to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1
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The start of a new season means a flurry of changes in Call of Duty: Vanguard. From new maps to fresh weapons featured on the Battle Pass, there’s a plethora of content for players to unlock and explore. However, some of the most pertinent questions lie with the game’s existing content, such as determining the best SMG to use in Season 1 of Vanguard.

The SMG category hasn’t been too contested in the first month of the game. One particular weapon, the MP40, has dominated the class. It’s the first SMG players unlock and some haven’t switched from it yet. Of course, a new season could mean change and players are wondering if this applies to the SMG class in Vanguard.

Best SMG in Vanguard Season 1

The best SMG in Season 1 is unequivocally the MP40, as has been the case since day one of multiplayer. While guns like the Type 100 with its broken two-shot kill loadout have challenged the MP40, nothing has yet to unseat it from its throne atop the class.

Boasting unmatched damage range, accuracy and mobility, the MP40 is hard to stop at any range. This even applies to players trying to challenge an MP40 at range with an assault rifle. Of course, close range is where the MP40 shines best, killing extremely quickly with its ideal loadout.

Though the mentioned loadout was nerfed when the Season 1 update came out, it’s still a three-shot kill at close to medium range. At long range, the MP40’s recoil hardly moves, allowing players to laser-beam enemies.

There aren’t many current weapons that can hold a candle to the MP40 in Season 1. The PPSh-41 is a solid option, and perhaps the best in Warzone Pacific, but possesses too much recoil to outclass the best SMG in Vanguard. Until something drastic changes with the SMG class in multiplayer, the MP40 will continue to reign over its counterparts.

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