The best mouse settings for Modern Warfare 2
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Despite Call of Duty still being mostly played with a controller, there are plenty of keyboard and mouse players in the community. Just like controller players, keyboard and mouse users have an entire list of settings they can change in Modern Warfare 2. From the ADS sensitivity on the mouse to all of the keybinds, players will have a ton to alter if they want a fully custom experience.

However, some players might not know what to change or what the best overall settings are. Below, you can see the best mouse settings for Modern Warfare 2 and a list of all of these specific settings in multiplayer.

Best mouse settings for Modern Warfare 2

We have compiled the entire list of mouse settings in MW2 along with the best values for each of them, which you can view below.

Mouse Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 6 (as a starting point, change as necessary)
  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
  • Third Person Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
  • Ground Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • Air Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • Tablet Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier – .90
  • ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Gradual
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Relative
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity (Low Zoom): .80
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity (High Zoom): .70
  • Mouse Acceleration – 0
  • Mouse Smoothing – Off
  • Mouse Filtering – 0
  • Mouse Wheel Delay – 80

These are the primary mouse settings in Modern Warfare 2. The biggest setting that players want to pay attention to is their mouse sensitivity. We suggest most players start out with 6, as it’s the median sensitivity. Then, players can adjust it either up or down depending on their preference. If players want a faster mouse sensitivity, they should increase it to 7 or 8. If they want a slower sensitivity, 4-5 is a great setting.

The rest of the settings are not as consequential as the sensitivity, but they should still be followed to give players the best overall experience in MW2.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.