The 5 best Fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield
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Ever since Fairy became a type in generation six, Fairy-type Pokémon have been quite strong. There are plenty of good ones in Pokémon Sword and Shield, so we’re here to tell you which ones are the best Fairy Pokémon.

Here are the five best ones along with what makes them so strong.

The 5 best Fairy Pokémon

5. Comfey

best fairy Pokémon

Comfey is an interesting Pokémon. It doesn’t boast great stats, but its Triage ability is extremely useful. This ability lets it use healing moves with priority, including moves that also damage enemies like Draining Kiss. It usually takes Trick Room, Ally Switch, and Floral Healing and functions as a supportive Pokémon.

4. Togekiss


Togekiss was the best Fairy Pokémon in Sword and Shield up until The Crown Tundra. It’s versatile and can work as a defensive support Pokémon or an aggressive special attacker. It does well in both singles and doubles battles and despite losing some popularity, it is still a great option.

3. Whimsicott

Whimsicott is another great support Pokémon. It has the Prankster ability which allows it to use non-damaging moves with priority. This means it can use moves like Taunt, Tailwind, and Fake Tears first in battle. Doing this can help its partner or hinder the opponents.

2. Clefairy

Clefairy is an amazing support Pokémon in doubles battles. Its Friend Guard ability makes it so its partner takes less damage from attacks. It also has access to the moves Follow Me and Helping Hand, which are signature support moves. Since it hasn’t evolved but can, it can also hold Eviolite to bolster its defenses. Its evolution, Clefable, is a great option for singles battles.

1. Tapu Fini

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Tapu Fini is the best Fairy Pokémon in the current metagame. It works extremely well as a bulky special attacker in both singles and doubles battles. It learns Calm Mind, which allows it to increase its Special Attack and Special Defense, making it tough to KO and increasing its damage. It also has access to a lot of good moves and it has a great ability in Misty Surge.