The Berjaya Dragons reveal their 10-man PCS team
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The Berjaya Dragons were the last team to enter the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). Today, the organization revealed which players have joined the team. Surprisingly, the Berjaya Dragons team includes ten players, with a starter and a substitute player for every role. So far, the only teams to field a full 10-man roster are the Berjaya Dragons and Alpha Esports.

A new home for the Flash Wolves players

After the Flash Wolves’ League of Legends organization was forced to disband late last year, all of its players had to find new homes. Many left to compete in China, but several stayed behind to compete in the PCS. One former Flash Wolves player joining the Berjaya Dragons is Yu “Bush” Ping-Kun. Bush previously competed in the top lane role. However, rumors are he has learned to play several champions in the mid lane as well.

Besides Bush, former Flash Wolves jungler Liang “Enso” En-Shuo has also joined the new Berjaya Dragons team. Enso brings along his training partner Chan “Kennychan” Chi Yung. Kennychan started as the trainee of Flash Wolves’ academy team, Flash Huskys, and has trained with Enso in the jungle role since May 2019.

Former J Team 2 players

Besides the signing of the old Flash Wolves roster, the Berjaya Dragons also signed two players formerly of J Team’s academy roster. The starting support of the Berjaya Dragons is Kuo “Pocky” Jia Ming. Pocky previously played in the bot lane position. However, his knowledge of the game should transfer well to his new role.

The other player joining from J Team 2, as one of the two bot lane players, is Law “K2” Chi Kit. K2 is best known for his recent performance in the Elite Challenger Series (ECS) 2019. The ECS is the academy league of the former LMS region.

K2 will share the starting position with none other than Yap “Kagame” Li Aw. Kagame was formerly known as Arxues and is still quite new to the professional scene. Alongside his team WIN Esports, he managed to qualify for the 2019 League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) summer split. In the organization’s debut season, the team took over the region and managed to win the regular season.

Completing the Berjaya Dragons team

Completing the roster is Sun “Paul” Pu-Sheng as the head coach of the team. Paul previously coached the MAD Team in the LMS region. Throughout his time with that team, they were always one of the top contenders. In addition to this, Paul managed to lead his team to a victory of the 2019 LMS spring split regular season.

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