The Apex Legends World's Edge Train will stop in Season 6
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It appears that Season 6 will be doing more in Apex Legends than originally thought. While we knew that the World’s Edge is going to undergo some changes, we didn’t know one of its key elements would be put out of commission. According to Respawn Entertainment, the train on the World’s Edge map will be stopped when Season 6 rolls around. Apparently, the areas that the train used to drive through are going to be put to better use when the new season arrives.

The train stops with Apex Legends Season 6

World’s Edge is being updated more than ever before. The new version of the map is called “World’s Edge Fortified,” as seen in the official gameplay trailer from yesterday. Though we haven’t seen every new area, the map does seem much different. There’s no Mirage Voyage, new buildings in previously desolate areas, and now, no working train.

The train was a staple of World’s Edge and was even copied by Call of Duty: Warzone. Holding high-tier loot and usable as a way to get around the map quicker, the locomotive was a focal point for World’s Edge. However, Respawn has different plans for it in Season 6. Here’s a quote from the developers about the train’s new purpose:

The train has been stopped! For Season 6, the train has been dismantled and scattered around the tracks of World’s Edge. This single change helped us achieve one of our goals of providing more rotational options through some particularly scary chokepoints.

Apex Legends train
Image via Brooke Olson

By dismantling the train, Respawn now has the ability to create new areas in Apex Legends. The many trainyards and stops that the train passed through are now open and more accessible, giving Respawn more freedom to create. While more loot will be available in these new locations, getting around the map quicker could prove difficult.

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